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Valorant Crosshair Database: How to Find Any Crosshair You Want

Abhimannu Das
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Valorant Crosshair Database is a handy website that allows players to look up funny as well as practical crosshairs.
Players can directly import crosshair codes into Valorant in a matter of seconds.
The community-driven website is safe to use and using the generated codes will not get you banned.

Members of the Valorant community came up with a very intuitive tool that allows anyone to share their custom crosshairs or also find existing crosshairs used by pro players. The database also has a “fun” section that allows you to get some really wacky crosshairs featuring the Instagram Logo or even a Shuriken. Here is a quick guide on how to use Valorant Crosshair Database.

Valorant Crosshair Database: How to Use

Valorant Crosshair Database is a community-created website by dedicated members of the game’s community. If you want to access the website:

  1. Head to

  2. You can choose in All, Teams (Pro players), Fun, Other or manually search for crosshairs

  3. You can also look up user crosshairs or use the crosshair builder to create your own crosshair

How to import and export crosshairs via the Valorant Crosshair Database

If you want to import and export crosshairs in Valorant, here’s what you need to do:

To import crosshair settings in Valorant:

  1. Launch Valorant

  2. Click on Settings

  3. Open Crosshair Settings

  4. Click on 'Import Profile'

  5. Paste the Crosshair Profile Code from Valorant Crosshair Database

  6. Click on 'Import'

  7. Choose a name for your crosshair profile

To export crosshair settings in Valorant

  1. Launch Valorant

  2. Click on Settings

  3. Open Crosshair Settings

  4. Click on the 'Upload Crosshair' button

  5. The game will generate a 20 character code that you can copy into Valorant Crosshair Database.

How to choose a crosshair in Valorant

Crosshairs in games play a role in how accurate you are. While not all players need the perfect crosshair for perfect aim, having the right crosshair can help your shots' accuracy a lot. They play a crucial role, especially when you are constantly moving and are trying to readjust your shots.

Understanding movement error and firing error is important if you want to see how they affect your accuracy when shooting. You can toggle both settings in the shooting range and see how they affect the crosshair visuals. If you leave both settings on, you will notice that the lines on your crosshair react to you moving or firing your weapon, making your crosshair bigger.

The settings are useful for newer players who are not used to FPS (First Person Shooter) games. Still, if you are a veteran or have a decent grasp of how to correct your aim when shooting any weapon in Valorant, you can safely turn these settings off unless you really like having them on. It reduces visual clutter, and you rely on your muscle memory more to adjust your shots. With update 4.05, you can now import and export crosshairs which makes for trying out new crosshairs a lot more convenient.

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