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Team Ace Bundle in Valorant: Price, What You Need to Know

Abhimannu Das
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Valorant's Team Ace bundle is scheduled to release sometime in Episode 4 Act 2.
The upcoming skin bundle includes agent-themed skins, player cards and sprays.
Purchasing the bundle will set players back by 6375 Valorant Points, which amounts to approximately $70 USD.

Riot Games is set to release the Team Ace skin line in Valorant Episode 4 Act 2. The upcoming skin line is a first of its kind with each of the weapon skins being designed for specific agents. The five agents who will get their respective weapon skins as part of the bundle are Reyna, Phoenix, Jett, Yoru, and Raze. Here is a quick look at the release date, pricing information, and everything else you need to know about the Team Ace bundle in Valorant.

Valorant Team Ace Bundle: Overview

The new Team Ace bundle in Valorant is themed around five agents. The five agents and their respective skins are:

  • Reyna: Team Ace Vandal Skin

  • Raze: Team Ace Judge Skin

  • Yoru: Team Ace Frenzy Skin

  • Jett: Team Ace Operator Skin

  • Phoenix: Team Ace Phantom Skin

In addition to the weapon skins, the bundle will also have exclusive player cards, sprays and gun buddies. These items will be included if you purchase the full bundle and you can purchase them separately using Valorant Points (VP) as well.

All agents featured in the bundle will get their exclusive player cards and sprays and there is no melee weapon included in the bundle according to the leaks. With the featured agents being Duelists, it is possible that Riot Games will release bundles in the future for the other roles in the game.

Valorant Team Ace Bundle: Release Date

The release date of the new bundle is currently unknown and Riot is yet to officially announce the cosmetics.

Valorant Team Ace Bundle: Price

Here are the prices of the skins in the Team Ace bundle in Valorant:

  • Weapon Skins: 1275 Valorant Points (VP)

  • Player Cards: 375 VP each

  • Sprays: 325 VP each

  • Gun Buddies: 475 VP each

  • Bundle: The full bundle will set you back by 6375 VP.

The entire bundle is priced at approximately $70 USD which makes it one of the most expensive bundles ever released. Microtransactions in Valorant are by no means necessary for enjoying what the game has to offer. You should spend your money judiciously if you want to support the game and get some flashy new cosmetics in the process.

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