Shadowheart Approval Guide: Baldur’s Gate 3

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Shadowheart is a popular character choice for players wanting to pursue romantic relationships in Baldur’s Gate 3.
Getting her approval beforehand is central to initiating romance with her. The higher the approval, the better chances of a strong relationship.
Here is a Shadowheart approval guide to help players initiate a relationship with Shadowheart.

Baldur’s Gate 3’s immense popularity lies not only in its intricate storylines and intense battles but also in its colorful cast of characters. These characters can be befriended, fought against, or romanced with. A popular choice when it comes to romancing the characters is Shadowheart. 

This loyal cleric of Shar, Shadowheart, is on a one-man mission to deliver a precious relic with immense power to her coven in Baldur’s Gate. In order to romance or pursue a deeper relationship with this mysterious hero, one must first obtain her high approval. 

Here is a guide to help players gain high approval from Shadowheart. 

A Shadowheart Approval Guide

Gaining a character’s approval is crucial in defining the trajectory of the character’s relationship with the protagonist. There are a variety of factors that influence this. This could include dialogues, player’s decisions, and actions during the game. It is also important for players to make an informed decision beforehand. This is because every character has their own likes and dislikes, and any choice that players make will determine their relationship with those characters. 

Players must adapt to making choices for the character that they want to pursue a relationship with. 

Now, let's take a look at some of Shadowheart’s likes and dislikes, as they are crucial in determining the trajectory of a player’s relationship with her. 

Increasing Approval

  • She respects players who understand the importance of maintaining boundaries. Coming from the Trickery Domain as a Cleric, she values privacy. However, if players show curiosity at the right time, they will be rewarded in the future. It is important to pick your battles while trying to unfold Shadowheart’s personality. 

  • Shadowheart appreciates actions that impact other people positively. While she may not make it obvious, she does notice such things. She also approves of actions that are done out of self-interest. 

  • Her mastery over secrecy, stealth, and deceit leads her to favor players who exhibit similar skills. Any time the player passes skill checks in persuasion, deceit, religion, or insight, they will also impress Shadowheart and boost her approval of the player.

  • She also enjoys players who are persuasive, religious and deceitful. Anyone who can also provide her insight can find themselves in her good books. 

This being said, there are many things that she disapproves of, and if players engage in those activities, it can be hard to establish a relationship with her. 

Decreasing Approval

Shadowheart hates actions that are unnecessarily cruel. If players can provide a justification for their actions, they still get the green light. However, the inability to justify cruel actions can lead to decreased approval from her end. 

And if there is anything that Shadowheart hates more than the aforesaid cruelty, it's Lae’zel. Anytime players go against the Githyanki character, Lae’zel, Shadowheart’s approval rate rises. All that players have to do is challenge and humiliate Lae’zel and Shadowheart grows fonder of them. If players prioritize Lae’zel’s solutions over Shadowheart's, she usually disapproves these decisions. 

Along with this, players must also be careful about their dialogue choices while talking to Shadowheart. It can be tricky, but players must be consistent with their attitude towards her, and soon they will be able to initiate a romantic relationship with her. 

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