Potter Valorant: Who Is She?


Potter Valorant: Who Is She?

Aditi Joshi
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Christina "Potter" Chi is a former professional CS: GO player as well as the current Valorant coach for Evil Geniuses.
She has become the first female coach in the world of Valorant to win a prestigious gaming title, Valorant Champions 2023.
Here is a closer look at the life of Potter before Valorant and how she climbed the ladder to create history.

The year 2023 was a special year for the Valorant team, Evil Geniuses, who became the world champions with Christine “potter” Chi on their side acting as the team's coach.

Evil Geniuses went on to win the prestigious Valorant Championship 2023 title, but the journey to the top was not easy and had a rocky start, as luck refused to be on their side in the initial phase of their journey.

The regular season of Valorant Americas proved to be the worst for them. However, the team managed to make their way across the finish line, qualifying through the qualifiers to compete in VCT Masters Tokyo 2023.

From here on Evil Geniuses turned over a new leaf and went on to win Valorant Champions 2023. While the work put in by the team is commendable, social media and the Valorant fanbase also turned their heads towards potter, the female coach of Evil Geniuses.

Let us take a look at who this dynamic personality is and how she made a place for herself in a role that men predominantly dominate, winning over the community at large and making a name for herself.

Everything You Want to Know About Potter Valorant

Player turned coach, potter, is a former Counter-Strike and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) player, who switched to Valorant in 2020. Before her prestigious Valorant career, she had 20 years of experience competing in CS:GO.

She started her Valorant career in 2020 and joined Evil Geniuses at the beginning of 2021, initially as a player, later switching her roll to guide the team as its head coach from August 2021 onwards.

In the past, potter has worked as a broadcast analyst for CS:GO, but taking on the responsibility of being a Valorant head coach for a North American team was her big break in the world of competitive gaming.

Potter became the first female coach in Valorant to lead a team to victory. In 2023, after a bumpy start, the team lifted the prestigious Valorant Champions trophy, thanks to both the roster and the coach.

She received an immense outpour of support and fame after this monumental achievement, contributing largely to the organization's rags-to-riches story.

Potter is now considered one of the rarest coaches in Valorant to have her own fan following online, who back her work and extend their unwavering support to what she strategizes with the team.

Players witnessed Potter's sharp and intuitive gaming skills through her meticulous work with the team, giving precise callouts during pauses which more often than not turned the game around. Her significant contribution not only led Evil Geniuses to win but also created a respectable space for female presence in a male-dominated industry.

Potter Valorant: Background

She is an American coach of Korean descent, who has made a major impact in South Korean gaming, especially for women. She participated in various Electronic Sports World Cup (ESWC) tournaments for Counter-Strike, climbing up the ladder.

Potter's team got its first breakthrough in 2007, winning the title against Sweden’s unFinished in the semifinals and China’s E-Honor in the finals.

Potter's presence in the Valorant game space has been a beacon of inspiration for female gamers all around the world. Leading an all-male team and creating history as the first female coach to win a championship is commendable. This also creates hope for all aspiring female gamers out there who hope to make a big name in the gaming world.

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