Payday 3 Stealth Guide: How to Complete Gold and Shark Mission


Payday 3 Stealth Guide: How to Complete Gold and Shark Mission

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Payday 3’s thrilling Gold and Shark mission draws inspiration from Payday 2’s Benevolent Bank mission.
Taking place in the heart of New York City, this mission is one of the grandest levels in the game.
This article presents a comprehensive guide to completing the Gold and Shark mission.

Drawing inspiration from Payday 2's thrilling Benevolent Bank mission, Payday 3 is set to deliver an exhilarating heist adventure right in the heart of New York City. The Gold and Shark mission stands out as one of the game's grandest levels, promising a treasure trove of loot and a pulse-pounding high-stakes scenario. Brace yourself for an unparalleled heist as we delve into the ultimate guide for the Gold and Shark mission in Payday 3.

Gold and Shark Mission in Stealth Mode

Before you step into the Gold and Shark bank, it is important to equip yourself with an all-purpose loadout. Overkill weapons aren’t useful for stealth. Try opting for starter weapons, and make sure to attach silencers to them. Additionally, invest some points in acquiring skills such as hacking, strategy, glitch protocol, cover up, etc. that will smoothly execute these heists. 

Guide to the Gold and Shark Mission in Stealth Mode

The Gold and Shark mission is divided into three parts - the front lobby, upper floor and the last - the vault lobby. The stealth experience will vary depending on the difficulty level that players have set. 

On the normal difficulty level, two guards will be spawned in the first floor lobby, two on the second floor, one in the camera room, one in the parking lot and one guard in the vault area. It is highly recommended that you reserve the radios for the top floors only.

1. Red Keycard

When the heist starts, enter the lobby and approach the gate. A Red Keycard will be required to get through. It can be found in the Loan Officer’s office. To find the card, sift through the cell phones scattered throughout the bank and look for a QR code that will help you hack into the office. After doing so, look for the Red Keycard inside the office without being detected by any guards or civilians. 

Loan Officer's Office

Payday 3

2. Finding the Vault Lobby Door Code

Return to the gate to use the keycard. When you get in, head upstairs. To enter the vault lobby, you will need a vault lobby door code. Find a room with computers where you can hack the code. 

You will be prompted to get clearance from a PC in another office. After receiving the code, use it to unlock the vault lobby door. Only one code out of all is correct. To find the correct one, correspond the code to thumbprints on the keypad. 

Use a computer from the manager's office to hack the code. 

Payday 3

Note - During your expedition, you may come across a blue keycard. Keep it with you, since it will be needed later. 

3. Disabling the lasers

The vault is shielded with a laser path. 

Payday 3

Once the vault lobby door is unlocked, a laser path will greet you. Interact with a keypad on the wall to hack four switch boxes that will disable the lasers. Each switch box is associated with a color and symbol and requires careful selection.

Each switch box is associated with a color and symbol. 

Payday 3

For players on a lower difficulty level, hiding from the cameras is the only thing they have to do, as the keypad is located inside the vault area. Players on higher difficulty levels will have to be more careful since the switch boxes are located on the second floor. Therefore, they will have to move back and forth between the second floor and the vault area. 

Nonetheless, after flipping the last switch, make your way to the entrance of the vault area to disable the lasers by engaging with the interface. 

Unlocking the Gold and Shark Vault

Now, it’s time to unlock the vault. To do so, activate the remote signal from the manager’s office, located on the upper floor, away from the vault. A Blue Keycard is needed to enter the manager’s office. If you haven’t already acquired one, you can find it through one of the following ways:

  • On any desk in the offices on the second floor. 

  • By identifying a bank teller wearing a dark blue suit wandering around the upper floor. 

Enter the manager’s office using the Blue Keycard. You will spot a PC lying around that is needed to unlock the vault. Simultaneously, the blue keycard at the reader will be required back at the vault. This becomes easier with two or more players in the game. 

A PC in manager's office is needed to unlock the vault. 

Payday 3

If you are playing solo, then you need to quicken the hacking process and rush back to the vault doors. This can only have a gap of 30 seconds before you will have to repeat the process again. 

Interact with the vault wheel and if you are successful, then it will open and you’ll be one step closer.

The vault is now open.

Payday 3

Wipe off the center table and bag all the money. Make sure to also check the side and back rooms for additional loot. In one last move, lockpick the gates and secure the servers inside the cabinets. 

Grab the money from the center table. 

Payday 3

And this concludes the Gold and Shark heist in Payday 3. The given guide highlights all the steps needed to successfully execute the heist. 

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