Overwatch 2 Season 6 Mid-Season Twitch Drops: Skins, Items, Duration, How to Get

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Overwatch 2 Season 6 Mid-Season Twitch Drops: Skins, Items, Duration, How To Get</p></div>
Overwatch 2 Season 6 Mid-Season Twitch Drops: Skins, Items, Duration, How To Get


Celebrating Season 6 of Overwatch 2 reaching its halfway mark several rewards are being offered for free as Twitch Drops.
Two rewards can be obtained via Twitch Drops for a limited time by simply achieving a set number of viewership hours.
Here is the complete information for these rewards, how you can obtain them, and a few important things to keep in mind.

The ongoing Season 6 of Overwatch 2 has reached its halfway mark since releasing on 10th August. To celebrate the occasion, developers have planned a special event to hand out a few free rewards to all the players.

Overwatch 2 Season 6 Mid-Season Twitch Drops is currently underway taking place for a limited time with two exclusive rewards, one spray and one epic skin, up for grabs via the platform.

Both rewards are free, requiring players to only invest some of their time by watching certain livestreams that are qualified for the event.

Here are all the rewards that are available through the Overwatch 2 Season 6 Mid-Season Twitch Drops, the duration of this event, and complete details about how you can claim them.

Overwatch 2 Season 6 Mid-Season Twitch Drops: Complete Details

Blizzard has partnered with Twitch to hand out some free rewards to celebrate the ongoing Season 6 of Overwatch 2 which has reached its halfway mark. This is a limited-time event so make sure you complete it before expiry otherwise, the regret could be heavy, especially with a spray and an epic skin being given away for free.

Overwatch 2 Season 6 Mid-Season Twitch Drops: Rewards

There are two cosmetic items being given away for free by simply watching Overwatch 2 content creators and streamers on Twitch for a total of six hours.

  • Two Hours - Do You Lift Bap Spray

    This is a spray that shows Baptiste sitting on a bench and working out with a dumbbell in his left hand.

  • Six Hours - Baptiste Blue Steel Skin

    This is an epic rarity skin which shows Baptiste in a blue-coloured getup from head to toe.

Overwatch 2 Season 6 Mid-Season Twitch Drops: Rewards

Overwatch 2 Season 6 Mid-Season Twitch Drops: Duration

The limited-time event started on 29th August and will be live till 16th September, 12:30 GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

Twitch Drops End Time

  • 11th September, 05:30 PT (Pacific Time)

  • 11th September, 08:00 CT (Central Time)

  • 11th September, 09:00 ET (Eastern Time)

  • 11th September, 14:30 CEST (Central European Summer Time)

  • 11th September, 18:30 IST (Indian Standard Time)

How to Get Overwatch 2 Season 6 Mid-Season Twitch Drops?

To receive the cosmetic items all that you need to do is launch any Overwatch 2 drops-enabled livestream on Twitch that are categorized under 'Overwatch 2'.

This should not be too difficult with many streamers available to watch on the platform playing Overwatch 2, just make sure that your Battle.net account is connected to your Twitch account.

Now, you simply need to reach the target viewership goals and claim the respective rewards. However, do keep in mind that until and unless you do not claim your rewards from the drops inventory on Twitch in a timely manner, further progress will be halted.

What this means is that after two hours of viewership, you will be ready to claim the first reward which is 'Do You Lift Bap Spray', but as long as you do not claim it from the drops inventory, further progress towards the second reward 'Baptiste Blue Steel Skin' will not take place.

How to Link Twitch and Battle.net Accounts?

Before you start watching an Overwatch 2 stream on Twitch, make sure that your Battle.net account, the one in which you want to receive the free rewards, is linked to the streaming platform.

  1. Log in to your Battle.net account.

  2. Navigate to your Battle.net Connections page.

  3. A long list of third-party websites will appear, scroll to the bottom where Twitch is located and click on 'Connect'.

  4. A new page will open prompting you to log into your Twitch account, click on 'Continue'.

  5. After you log in an authorization from Twitch will pop up, click on 'Authorize'.

  6. A confirmation has to be provided to Battle.net after it retrieves your Twitch account details, click on 'Continue'.

  7. A final message will appear on the screen stating that your Battle.net account has been successfully connected to your Twitch account.

Note: Make sure you are connecting Battle.net to the correct Twitch account because there is a seven-day cooldown period that prevents a user from connecting to a new one.

Overwatch 2 Linking Battle.net With Twitch

Now you are all set to start receiving the Twitch Drop rewards directly in Overwatch 2 without any hassle.

So fire up the systems and launch any Overwatch 2 livestream on your second monitor or simply let it run in the background because all that is left to do is farm those viewership hours.

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