NBA 2K24: How To Fast Travel in The City


NBA 2K24: How To Fast Travel in The City

Aditi Joshi
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Players can explore the city using an array of methods like on foot, using a skateboard, riding a bike etc.
However, Fast Travel saves a lot of time by eliminating long treks.
Players can Fast Travel through subway stations as well as in the Arena.

The City in NBA 2K24 is a fascinating place. Players can explore it in a variety of ways, While some players prefer exploring the whole city on foot in an open world, others enjoy fast travel through it. There are a number of ways in which players can explore the city - on foot, using a skateboard, riding a bike, or using other means of transportation. However, fast travel has proven to be the best way to get around the city, as it helps curb time consuming trips. 

Let us take a look at how to fast travel in The City in NBA 2K24. 

How To Fast Travel in The City

Players who are familiar with the series will easily recall the mechanics of Fast Travel in The City. The subway system in the game is back once more, offering a convenient mode of transportation throughout the city. There are a total of seven subway stations connecting the city. They are as follows:

  1. Arena.

  2. City West.

  3. City East.

  4. Rivals Plaza Station.

  5. Elite Affiliation.

  6. Beach.

  7. Rise Affiliation.

Players will need to visit these stations in order to use them. Once at the station, head down the stairs to access the map for Fast Travel. Players can select any location in the given map. This method saves players from a time consuming trek. 

Indoor Fast Travel in The City

For indoor fast travel, players can also utilize this feature in the Arena. Upon entering, press R1/RB to instantly access the Arena Tunnel or exit. This helps save time by eliminating the lengthy walk throughout the arena building. 

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