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Modern Warfare 3’s New Tac-Stance Mechanic Explained

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Modern Warfare III is coming to gaming platforms on 10th November 2023.
A new feature called Tac-Stance has been added as a new innovation to the game.
It is ideal for close-quartered situations, cramped rooms and narrow hallways.

In a surprising reveal on 17th August 2023, Activision finally announced the worldwide  reveal of the highly anticipated Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III. There are a myriad of fresh in-game features that will carry the franchise’s legacy. The highlight of this reveal was the introduction of new mechanics, one of which was the Tac-Stance. 

Here is all you need to know  about Modern Warfare III. 

What is the new Tac-Stance Mechanic?

According to a thread posted on Twitter by Sledgehammer Games, the developers of Modern Warfare III, the Tac-Stance is the best at balancing mobility and accuracy. This is a feature that offers a lot more flexibility during gameplay, thus improving the player’s combat strategies. 

In simple words, Tac-Stance is nothing but an extremely calculated balance between hip-fire and aiming. It is suitable for both mobility and accuracy, which players can opt for, depending on the situation. 

What is the Tac-Stance best for?

Well, frankly, Tac-Stance can be used in a variety of ways if done right. It is extremely suitable in close-quartered situations, as it is specially designed to be used aggressively. As mentioned in the official Worldwide reveal blog of Modern Warfare III, this is ideal equipment for cramped rooms and narrow hallways, where enemies are always lingering. 

When players are aiming for down sights, they can toggle the gun to the Tac-Stance instantly. This can happen by default with the gun when players fire it while sliding. Tac-Stance adds a rush of strategic aggression to the game, making the weapons burn with passion as the heart-pumping game reaches the edge. 

Players should also keep in mind that there might be a little bullet spread while they fire a gun in the Tac-Stance. According to the blog, Activision best describes it as a spread rate middle ground between full ADS and Hipfire. 

What more is coming to Modern Warfare III?

While Tac-Stance is a game changer for the iconic first-shooter franchise, Activision did not stop here. There are a bunch of new features that are going to be featured in the new Call of Duty game, which launches on 10th November 2023. These features include Open Combat Missions, 16 Modern Warfare 2 revamped maps, four new game-ready environments and a lot more. 

Fans are pretty excited to immerse themselves in the brand new Modern Warfare III. 

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