Lego Fortnite: Release Date, Expected Features, and More


Lego Fortnite: Release Date, Expected Features, and More

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The highly anticipated Fortnite X Lego game mode has a main emphasis on crafting and survival.
Players will have access to over 1,200 Lego-styled outfits.
You can choose between four different classes and explore an entire world made up of Lego blocks, including in-game items, buildings, and NPCs.

Numerous Fortnite and Lego fans are eagerly anticipating the arrival of the brand-new game mode making its way to the competitive Battle Royale with the debut of Chapter 5 Season 1. This collaboration between the two brands was announced during the Big Bang event at the end of Season 4. This update will transform your regular Fortnite characters into blocky Lego models, emphasizing elements like crafting and survival. That being said, many fans are wondering when they can get their hands on this exciting new mode. Without further ado, let’s take a look.

When Can You Expect To Play Fortnite’s Lego Mode?

This highly expected game mode will be available on 7th December. If this update also follows past trends, we might be able to see it go live from 9 AM ET / 6 AM PT / 4 PM CEST / 7:30 PM IST.

Players can access it from the main Fortnite lobby, similar to current game modes. Sadly, there seems to be no other way to get early access to this mode as no such programs are running for it. However, some players have apparently found a way to unlock the Lego outfits unofficially, which involves the use of Discord bots to add a Lego playlist to your account. We do not recommend anyone to try this, as it might get your account banned.

What Features Are Added to the Lego X Fortnite Game Mode?

With the release of this massive crossover, players can expect over 1,200 skins in Fortnite to adorn their own Lego styles. The studio has announced that even more such skins will eventually be added to the game. Players can head to the outfit’s details page in the Item Shop or their Locker to check if a specific costume has received its Lego-themed style. Apart from this, the Fortnite island will also get a makeover fitting the Lego setting.


As mentioned earlier, the main focus for this upcoming game mode seems to be on survival and crafting, Players will spawn in an environment entirely made up of Lego blocks. These include your foes, other NPCs, buildings, and even in-game items like a Lego Stud Gun, Workbenches, Beds, Fences, Ziplines, Catapults, Trinkets, and even Map Markers.

You will have four different classes to choose from such as Adventurer, Dreamer, Explorer, and Homesteader. You’ll also have game features such as:

  • Access to Pets

  • In-game vendors for buying and selling items

  • Health and energy systems with camps to restore them.

  • Ability to mine props and ores

  • Crafting using collected materials

  • Building tool featuring 9 different slots

That is pretty much everything you need to know about this upcoming Lego game mode in Fortnite. Mark your calendars to jump into this thrilling new survival game mode and access all of its unique features.

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