Is There a Glen Quagmire Skin Making Its Way to Fortnite?


Is There a Glen Quagmire Skin Making Its Way to Fortnite?

Surya Kumar
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After the inclusion of Family Guy’s Peter Griffin skin in Fortnite, many fans are speculating that the devs are also working on a Quagmire outfit.
Although it is possible to add a Quagmire skin to the game through mods, doing so might violate Epic’s Guidelines and result in your account getting banned.

Chapter 5 Season 1 of Fortnite brought numerous additions to the title in terms of game modes, features, and new cosmetic items. While Fortnite Festival, Rocket Racing, and the Lego mode continue to rise in popularity, the devs have also made improvements to the battle royale mode by introducing new boss NPCs, medallions, and other in-game items. 

Along with this, they also added the highly requested Peter Griffin from Family Guy, both as an NPC and an outfit. This overjoyed numerous fans of the American cartoon and naturally, many started speculating about the inclusion of other Family Guy skins into the game. Let’s delve into it and figure out what other outfits might make their way into Fortnite.

Will Glen Quagmire Be Added to Fortnite?

The introduction of Peter Griffin into Fortnite has been welcomed by many players as the character has become one of the most iconic memes out there. However, obtaining his skin requires you to grind out the Battle Pass which was frowned upon by few.

However, if you consider a fan of Seth McFarlane’s show, you definitely know that this skin is worth the grind. Apart from the base variant, this skin also comes with alternate styles to customize your buffed-up Peter Griffin skin.

Naturally, as the season progressed, many fans were wondering if they would see more characters from Family Guy in Fortnite, especially Glen Quagmire, who is portrayed as one of Peter’s best friends in the show. It is certainly a reasonable question, considering that Epic Games has done multiple collaborations with various brands, celebrities, and franchises in the past. 

Although Quagmire has also been very popular among the meme community, it is highly unlikely that he will make his way into Fortnite. This is due to the depiction of Quagmire himself, as he is often portrayed as an obscene and raunchy character in the show, far exceeding the absurdity of other characters. Epic Games is known to avoid any association with such controversial subjects and the addition of Quagmire to the game might not be justifiable from their end.

Furthermore, several fans seem to think that the Quagmire skin has already begun its in-game testing due to a Twitch Streamer who goes by WateryShoe using it in the battle royale mode. Many fail to see that the skin used by the streamer was simply just a mod and replicating such a thing would only result in your account being banned. 

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