Is the Mentor Quest in Escape from Tarkov Worth Your Time?



Is the Mentor Quest in Escape From Tarkov Worth Your Time?

Aditi Joshi
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The Mentor Quest in Escape From Tarkov requires players to give 50,000 Euros to a trader called Peacekeeper.
This quest helps players jump +3 Sniper Rifles Skill in the game.
However, not everyone might find 50,000 Euros worth skipping three combat skill levels.

Quests are an essential part of Escape in Tarkov. Not only do they unlock a slew of rewards but some of them can also help you jump sniper skill levels. However, not all of them might seem worthy of the amount they cost and this leads to major disappointment among the player base.

Part of why this is the case is due to the wipes that the game does regularly. By the time some players come to the amount that these quests require, the game is ready for a wipe. And a clean slate with no money can be quite frustrating because it is a repeating cycle.

While not all quests are mandatory to complete, some of them lead to acquiring the kappa container. And one of those quests is the Peacekeeper's Mentor Quest. But there is always debate on if it's worth it.

What Is the Mentor Quest in Escape from Tarkov?

The Mentor Quest in the desolate land of Tarkov requires players to hand over 50,000 Euros to Peacekeeper. The Peacekeeper is a trader in Escape From Tarkov.

The dialogue for this quest goes as follows:

"How's life treating you, mercenary? Maybe you will be interested, a friend of mine is exceptionally skilled at shooting sniper rifles. But I'm afraid that his services are not cheap. He worked as a PMC, but now he has retired and is mentoring people for cash. If you decide, I think I could arrange a meeting for you."

Rewards For The Mentor Quest in Escape from Tarkov

Now, to the actual bone of contention: The rewards for this quest are +3 Sniper Rifles Skill Levels.

Sniper Rifles is a combat skill in Escape From Tarkov that enhances their overall handling and reduces recoil and reload time.

After completing this quest, players can jump to Sniper Rifles Skill Level 7, which will further make them eligible for the Wet Job Part 6 quest and this quest has another slew of rewards that might entice many players.

Is the Mentor Quest in Escape from Tarkov Worth Your Time?

The above-stated advantages may understandably entice players who are looking forward to completing quests in Tarkov. However, this might not be the case for every player. This is where the question of the quests' worth comes in. Is it really that important to complete the quest?

Well, the answer depends on each player's priorities and their ability to earn 50,000 Euros as soon as possible. This is, understandably, not the case for everyone.

Many believe it is a waste of time spending that much money to appease the Peacekeeper. They believe it could be better spent on something other than that to increase the Sniper Rifles Skill.

So, ultimately whether the quest is worth your time or not is a question of whether you want to spend your money or give extra time to increasing your Sniper Rifles Skill.

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