Is a Stephen Hawking Skin Coming to Fortnite?

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Is a Stephen Hawking Skin Coming to Fortnite?</p></div>
Is a Stephen Hawking Skin Coming to Fortnite?


Numerous videos have been doing the rounds on social media platforms showcasing a “Stephen Hawking Bundle” in Fortnite.
The entire bundle supposedly costs 3,500 V-Bucks and even adds other accessories like a Pickaxe, stickers, etc.
Upon taking a closer look at the clip, it becomes evident that it was a concept created by a crazed fan.

Epic Games has done numerous collaborations in the past with various brands, franchises, and celebrities and we can be sure that Chapter 5 Season One will continue this much-welcomed tradition. This new update brought numerous game modes, mechanics, and outfits such as the Peter Griffin, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Dragon Ball, etc, with fans expecting many more outfits to be featured in the game.

That being said, several fans seem to believe that a new outfit of the well-known theoretical physicist and cosmologist, Stephen Hawking is being added to Fortnite. This comes from a video (popular on TikTok) showcasing an in-game version of the scientist in his wheelchair along with other accessories to compliment him. Let’s cut to the chase and see what the fuss is all about.

Is There Going to Be a Stephen Hawking Outfit in Fortnite?

Numerous videos were being posted on various social media platforms like Reddit, TikTok, Instagram, X, etc, all of them showcasing a re-imagined version of Stephen Hawking wearing sneakers and sitting in his motorized BEC Mobility wheelchair.

Apart from the Stephen Hawking skin, the clip also shows accessories such as a Pickaxe and three other stickers. The entire bundle supposedly costs 3,500 V-Bucks with each accessory costing 500 V-Bucks each. Upon taking a closer look, we can observe that these stickers are pretty offensive and controversial, which makes it evident that these videos doing the rounds on social media are fake.

Epic Games is known to actively avoid any controversial opinions or topics and they are pretty inclusive of all types of gamers so it is impossible that they would release a skin that would disrespect a well-regarded personality like Stephen Hawking. So it is safe to say that this was all just a meme that has started to gather the attention and views from Fortnite fans. 

Following this, some people even went as far as creating a petition requesting Epic Games to add the Physicist’s outfit to the battle royale. There has been no official word from the Fortnite studio acknowledging the rumors or mentioning the development of such a skin so please keep your expectations low as there is little to no chance of it happening sooner or later.

Apart from this, it also doesn’t seem viable that the family of Stephen Hawking would let his likeness be used in the game. It is also quite puzzling to see such clips online as there has not even been a remote association between the Theoretical Physicist and the battle royale in the past, which clearly indicates that the skin is just a concept created by a crazed fan.

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