In Which country will Valorant Champions 2024 take place?

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In Which Country will Valorant Champions 2024 take place?


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Valorant Champions is a Valorant esports event, where teams from all over the world congregate to see which team will lift the grand trophy.
Valorant Champions 2024 began on 16 February 2024, starting with the first leg of the tour called the Kick Off Tournament.
For the first time, Valorant Champions is coming to the city of Seoul in South Korea.

The press release that announced the location of Valorant Champions 2024 stated that all roads lead to champions! Well, it seems champion for the last leg of the Valorant Champions Tour 2024 (VCT 2024) will be forged in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region for the first time.

VCT 2024 began on 16th February 2024, starting with the Kick Off tournament. Since then the competitive scene has moved on, picking up pace, and currently headed towards the VCT Masters Shanghai 2024 as fans pour in love for their favorite teams from across the world.

For the first time, Valorant Champions is coming to Seoul, South Korea. Everyone is excited, as this is another feather in the cap for the Asian Valorant community.

In Which country will Valorant Champions 2024 take place?

Valorant Champions, the final tournament and world cup of every annual Valorant esports circuit, officially began in 2021, with teams from all over the world congregating at a particular location to see which team lifts the trophy and crowns themselves as champions. It has become an annual tradition now, attracting a large number of audience.

Valorant Champions follows a steady roadmap, with the concluding leg, intensifying in the search of the winner. In 2024, this will take place in Seoul, South Korea. Players are delighted, as this is the first time the Valorant world championship is taking place in the Asia Pacific region.

This is obviously very exciting news not just for our Korean fans but for everyone in the entire Asia-Pacific region," said Jake Sin, the Head of Valorant Esports APAC, during the announcement of VCT 2024.

Valorant Champions Tour 2024: Roadmap to Champions

VCT 2024 has started with Kick Off tournaments. This season has 44 top teams from the Valorant competitive scene across four International Leagues: Americas, China (CN), Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA), and Pacific.

Fans can catch their favorite teams in different stages of VCT 2024, with the roadmap unfolding as follows,

  • Kickoff Tournament - 16th Feb to 3rd March

  • Masters Madrid - 14th to 24th March

  • International Leagues Stage 1 - 30th March to 12th May

  • Masters Shanghai - 23rd May to 9th June

  • International Leagues Stage 2 - 15th to 21st July

  • Champions Seoul - 1st to 25th August

Valorant Champions Tour 2024: The Roadmap to Champions

The Valorant Champions in 2021, for the first time, was hosted in Istanbul, Turkey. Berlin hosted the event in 2022, while last year's tournament took place in Los Angeles.

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