In Which Country Is The Range In Valorant Located?


In Which Country Is The Range in Valorant Located?

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The Range in Valorant is a tutorial mode map that allows players to practice the game and familiarize themselves with the settings.
It is located in the beautiful city of Venice in Italy, on the Poveglia Island.
Let us take a closer look at what The Range has to offer for all Valorant players.

Players spend a lot of time playing Valorant, perfecting their skills, spamming Spike Rush or Deathmatch game modes . While this helps players better their gameplay with others, sometimes all you need is some alone time. And this is where the ol' reliable 'The Range' comes into play.

The Range is a playable tutorial map where players can familiarize themselves with the metrics of the game. It allows players to engage in offline gameplay, where they can practice certain techniques and explore the game by roaming around. This is where most players also try out different abilities of Valorant agents.

In this article, we will look at where it is situated and the different modes it offers.

In Which Country Is The Range in Valorant Located?

The Range, also known as the Practice Range is located in the city of Venice in Italy. It is situated on the top of an abandoned psychiatric hospital on Poveglia Island near Venice. The area became airborne after the 'Rise of Venice' event.

Within this setting, players will find the remnants of the old hospital, including equipment and beds, littering the shooting range. Originally, it was established as a forward operating base for Valorant in response to Venice's emergence. It has since been repurposed as the training grounds for the Valorant Protocol, housing both Brimstone's and Cypher's offices.

The Range in Valorant

The Practice Range in Valorant consists of several modes. These are as follows:

  • Open Range - Freely explore the entire Range and everything it has to offer.

  • Shooting Test - Test your gun skills with a variety of shooting challenges.

  • Spike Planting - Take control of the site, plant the spike, and defend it until detonation.

  • Spike Defuse - Methodically defeat enemies and defuse the spike before time runs out.

All these modes have something unique and different to offer, giving players a holistic approach. Through this, players can get a taste of different activities in Valorant and familiarize themselves with what the game has to offer.

Lore Behing The Range in Valorant

The earlier version of Range was also a significant part of the popular Valorant lore, as it was seen as a site for two Valorant agents - Brimestone and Cypher. In one of the older updates, Cypher was seen as an NPC, looking at the sky, contemplating life.

However, The Range has changed now, diving into four different modes, which helps players better their gameplay in different areas.

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