Red Doors in Warzone Season 4


How to Use the Red Doors in Warzone Season 4

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There are mysterious red doors in Warzone Season 4 that let you teleport to random locations in Verdansk.
The red rooms lead to high-tier loot similar to the old treasure bunkers in Verdansk.
There are currently nine known red room locations in Warzone Season 4.

Red doors in Warzone showed up in Season 4 recently and they have left a lot of players questioning what these mysterious doors are used for. The red doors in Warzone are essentially fast-travel doors that transport you to random locations with high-tier loot. Players can get legendary chests, munition boxes and other items from these secret doors if you get access to them. There are currently nine red door locations that you can make use of in the game. Here is a quick rundown of how you should be using the red doors in Warzone to get the most loot possible.

What are the red doors in Warzone?

Unlike the subway system in Verdansk, you can use the red doors to instantly teleport to a random area in the map with high-tier loot. If you find a red door, simply approach it and press the interact button to activate it. Once the door is open, you will be able to walk through and get teleported to a random location with Verdansk. The system is still new and it is unknown if the door locations will change over time. There are currently nine known spawn locations but there may be more added over time.

How to use the red doors in Warzone

Once you teleport using a red door, you will be presented with legendary chests and other high-tier items. The loot is similar to the Verdansk bunkers that many players are used to.

The spawns of the red doors are completely random and there are nine different locations they can be found in. Once a door is used by a player, it becomes unavailable for everyone else.

What is inside the red doors in Warzone

Here is everything that you can get from the red door loot rooms in Warzone:

  • Legendary Chests

  • Epic or higher rarity weapons

  • Ammunition

  • Armor Boxes

  • Munitions Boxes

  • Satchels

  • Durable Gas Masks

  • Advanced UAVs

How to find the red doors in Warzone Season 4

The Call of Duty: Warzone community has discovered nine red door spawn locations so far but they are not guaranteed to be available every round. More may be discovered as Season 4 progresses but here is a quick rundown of all the known locations so far:

  • Center building of Summit

  • Old Mine south-west of Summit

  • Upstairs in the north-west end of Salt Mine’s most northern building

  • Large building south-west end of Salt Mine

  • Inside the built plane in Factory

  • Beneath the half-built plane in Factory

  • On the scoreboard at the west side of Stadium

  • Below the commentators’ box at the south end of Stadium

  • Second floor of Nakatomi Plaza

Once a player enters a door, it will be closed for everyone else so you should take advantage of all the extra loot if you spot one of the rare red doors in Warzone.

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