How to Solve Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’s Raid Codes


How to Solve Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’s Raid Codes

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Players need access to Modern Warfare 2’s raid codes to clear the Atomgrad raid and it can be tricky to obtain them.
There are three sets of codes that players need to discover throughout the Atomgrad raid.
Players should also be ready for combat during the second puzzle as there are enemies that try to make life difficult when deciphering the codes.

Players need access to Modern Warfare 2’s raid codes to clear the Atomgrad raid but it can be a little tricky to find the codes if you don’t know what you are doing. The new raids are three-player activities with a nice mix of combat and puzzles. If you are stuck finding the raid codes in Modern Warfare 2, we are here to help.

How to solve Modern Warfare 2’s raid code puzzles

There are no pre-determined raid codes and you have to obtain the codes manually every time. You will need to enter your first raid code in the Atomgrad raid when you are asked to find the Echo team and open the submarine doors.

How to get the first set of codes

You should dedicate a player to go through the metal shutters while another player holds it open. You need to have two players in the starting room while holding the door open to get the code. 

Once the player goes into the second room and reaches some surveillance cameras, ask them to flick through the cameras until they find Control room B2 in the video footage, with three symbols on the wall and three numbers in the surveillance footage. 

The two players outside will also have access to surveillance cameras, one of them will need to cycle through them until they find Control Room A2 with numbers and symbols on the wall.

Finally, the last player will need to use the red terminal in the corner of the first room. Here the players need to identify the corresponding numbers by looking at the surveillance footage. Enter the corresponding numbers into the machine and you will gain access through the silo door.

How to get the second set of codes

For the second stage of raid codes, you need to do the same puzzle in a different area. The only difference is that the codes will be in the rooms themselves instead of making players go through the surveillance cameras. 

There will also be enemies coming in to swarm the players who are in the two rooms with codes. To top it all off, players also need to beat the countdown timer. If you are unable to complete the puzzle in time, you have to start the sequence all over again with different codes.

One player needs to stay near the terminal and enter both codes from the two rooms. Once you successfully enter the codes, the second and final puzzle of the Modern Warfare 2 raid will be complete.

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