How to Sign Up For The Palia Beta Test

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Players can sign up for a closed beta session starting 2nd August 2023 for the upcoming simulation game, Palia.
Following the close beta is the open beta session, starting 10th August 2023.
Palia is a cozy, community building simulation game that engages in skill building activities like farming, gardening, mining, etc.

In a recent blog post by game developer Singularity 6, the highly anticipated cozy simulation game, Palia, is now inviting players to sign up for its closed beta test. The MMO simulation is set to create a world of enchanting possibilities for players, encouraging community building and skill-based activities in a tranquil and visually captivating environment. Palia's closed beta session commences on August 2, 2023, followed by an open beta session beginning on August 10, 2023.

How to Participate in Palia's Beta Test?

Enthusiasts eager to experience the enchanting world of Palia need to head to the official website to create an account. If you are already a registered user, make sure to check your email inbox for an exclusive invitation to the beta version. For those who participated in the Alpha testing phase, you're in luck - you are automatically eligible to join the closed beta.

Although the invitations for the beta session are sent out randomly, players can still try their luck by signing up. As a perk for the lucky invitees, they are granted full access to capture content, livestream their gameplay, and share their adventures with the public. Palia's developers are keen on gathering player feedback to enhance the game, even if it is still under development with a few rough edges.

One of the perks of Palia's beta testing is that players can carry over their progress from the beta version to the fully released game. This means that all the hard work and achievements players make during the beta will not go to waste once the game is officially launched.

Palia sets out to provide players with a cozy and immersive experience like no other. Its open-world gameplay thrives on community building, with a plethora of skill-based activities to indulge in, such as fishing, farming, gardening, and mining. Whether you want to spend a tranquil day fishing by the serene lake or harvest crops in the golden fields, Palia offers a soothing and inclusive atmosphere for all players.

As the game evolves through player feedback and development, Palia promises to deliver an enchanting gaming experience. The game's eye-catching aesthetics serve as a perfect backdrop for players to embark on a peaceful journey toward cultivating strong community relationships.

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