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How to Purchase Valorant Points Using Codashop

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Codashop is a third-party website that allows you to top up Valorant Points among other premium currencies in games.
The website is legitimate and safe to use and it does not require your login information.
The service is recommended if you need access to local payment options that are not typically supported by Riot Games in-game.

Codashop is a third-party website that offers top-ups for games and other services. The website is partnered with Riot Games and allows players to purchase premium currency for Valorant along with other titles of the publisher. Players can purchase Valorant Points via Codashop using local payment options. The website is safe to use and is approved by Riot Games. Do note that Valorant Points in Codashop cost the same as the in-game store. The website is recommended only to get access to local payment options that are not always available in the game.

How to get Valorant Points from Codashop

If you want to purchase Valorant points from Codashop, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Head to the official website at:

  2. Choose Valorant from the list of games in the home page

  3. Enter the Riot ID of the account you want to top up

  4. Choose one of the top up options available on the website

  5. Choose a payment option

  6. Enter your email address

After making the purchase successfully, the Valorant Points should reflect on your account. If the payment is successful and you do not see the Valorant Points in-game, try restarting your game.

Codashop Valorant

How much do Valorant Points cost?

Here are the prices of Valorant Points in USD:

  • 475 VP - $4.99

  • 1,000 VP - $9.99

  • 2,050 VP - $19.99

  • 3,650 VP - $34.99

  • 5,350 VP - $49.99

  • 11,000 VP - $99.99

The prices of Valorant Points vary depending on your country due to exchange rates of various currencies and applicable taxes in some regions. You can use Valorant Points to purchase cosmetics of your choice. Currently, Radianite is not available for purchase on Codashop and you have to obtain the premium currency from the in-game store.

Valorant is a free-to-play title and you do not need to spend any money on microtransactions to enjoy the game. Spend your money judiciously only if you really want to obtain cosmetics you like or if you want to support the game.

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