How to Play Jin Kazama in Tekken 7

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How to Play Jin Kazama in Tekken 7


Understanding Jin's Crouching Demon Stance and Rage Combos are very important in Tekken 7 even as a new player.
Jin is a highly adaptive character who has a fair matchup against the entire Tekken7 roster on any map if you play him right.
Developing your fundamentals like parrying, movement and juggling with Jin are very important before you learn more advanced aspects of his kit.

Jin Kazama is essentially the face of Tekken 7 and if you enjoy playing him and want to master his skills, we are here to help. The best way to improve is to keep playing the character and understanding his matchups. We also recommend checking out the best Jin Kazama players in Tekken 7 in case you want to pick up a few tips from the best of the best. But if you are looking for some pointers to get started with the character’s move set, we are here to help.

How to Play Jin in Tekken 7: Fundamentals

Before you focus on the fancy stuff, it is important to have your core skillset completely refined. Jin is one of the few characters that can adapt to nearly the entire roster of the game with ease. But to do that, you need to be good with your movement and combat skills. 

Learn to pay close attention to your opponents to accurately predict what they are about to do. While there are players out there who might argue juggling is not important for Jin, it is a skill you absolutely need to master to take full advantage of the character. While it might be challenging if you are completely new to the game, you should learn how to juggle and take advantage of maps. Building up momentum and applying pressure are very important to mastering Jin correctly and these are skills that you need to develop even as a new player.

Jin Kazama Combos in Tekken7

If you want to pick up some basic combos to practice, here are our recommendations. These combos were prepared by Tekken7 community member SwiftDagger/Primaul and all credits go to them. 

How to read the combos: 

  • 1, 2, 3, and 4 - LP, RP, LK, and RK respectively

  • CH - Counter hit

  • (S!) - Screw or Tailspin state

  • (LP) - Low Parry

  • WS - While Standing

  • CD - Crouch dash

  • EWHF - Electric Wind Hook Fist or CD+2

  • CDS - Crouching Demon Stance

  • ZAN - Similar to CDS (Don't think it has a name?)

  • ~ - Means immediately after

These are all simple combos meant to guide new players. There are far more complex and nuanced combos that you can use depending on maps, opponents and other factors. 

Basic combos

  • CD+4 > b+2,1 > 4 (S!) > d/b+2,2,3 (44 Damage)

  • u/f+4 > 1,2,4 (S!) > b+3~f+1,2 (50 Damage)

  • CD+1 > 1,2,4 (S!) > b+3~f+1,2 (57 Damage)

  • WS+2 > b+3 > 1,2,4 (S!) > b+3~f+1,2 (58 Damage)

  • ff+3 > b+3 > b+3~f1 > 4 (S!) > b+3~f+1,2 (64 Damage)

Basic Rage combo

  • u/f+4 > 1,2,4 (S!) > b+1+2 (Rage Art).

Parry combo

  • (LP) > b+3 > b+3~f+1 > 4 (S!) > b+3~f+1,2 (44 Damage)

Basic counter-hit combos

  • 4 > d+2 (37 Damage)

  • b+3 > b+2,1 > 4 (S!) > d/b+2,2,3 (52 Damage)

  • d/f+2 > 1,2,4 (S!) > b+3~f+1,2 (55 Damage)

  • d/b+4 > b+3~f+1 > 4 (S!) > d/b+2,3 (55 Damage)

  • F+4~f+1 > b+3~f+1 > 4 (S!) > d/b+2,3 (61 Damage)

These combos should help you understand how to perform fairly basic combos and have a better understanding of the character. To know more about Jin’s lore and how he became Tekken’s most iconic character, check out our Jin Kazama coverage.

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