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How to Lookup Players in Valorant

Abhimannu Das
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You can look up players in Valorant using third-party websites that have access to the Valorant API.
The Tracker Network is one of the best places to view details stats, infographics playtime and other players.
You will not be able to view any information if players manually make their information private.

If you want to check out the stats of popular players or even your friends, there is a way to find out everything from their K/D to their accuracy stats and tons of other useful information. You will be able to compare your stats with your friends or pro players and see where you stand in comparison. If you’ve always wanted a leaderboard and full-fledged stats comparison for Valorant, here’s what you need to know.

Look up players in Valorant

There is no way to check detailed stats by looking up players in-game. Neither the Riot Games client nor the game provides detailed stats of players. However, there are third-party services that can pull player information from Riot Games’ API (application programming interface).

Tracker Network (TRN) is a popular service that is partnered with various games and offers leaderboards, stats and other features. Websites like tracker.gg can help you look up any player in Valorant and view their stats with detailed infographics. Tracker.gg has been around for years and it is one of the most popular websites for League of Legends match tracking. The service is available for Valorant as well and you can get access to in-depth statistics for your matches. If you want to look up other players:

  1. Head to https://tracker.gg/valorant

  2. Search for a player using their player tag

  3. Click on the search results to view their match history, stats and other details

If you want to see your own profile.

  1. Create an account at tracker.gg OR you can directly login if you use tracker.gg for other Riot Games titles

  2. Choose Valorant as your preferred game at the top of the site

  3. Click on the red icon that displays your Valorant ID

  4. The website will now display your statistics

You can manually hide information that you do not want to share and others can do the same. You cannot look up data from private profiles but anyone on the leaderboards or any player with a public profile will have their stats on display on their respective pages.

If you want to change your Valorant player name to something new, you can check out our guide here.

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