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How to Install Apex Legends R5 Reloaded

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R5 Reloaded is a custom version of Apex Legends that runs on private servers.
The custom mod is not officially supported by Respawn and you should install it at your own risk.
R5 can be used to aim train, practice movement and learn various in-game gameplay mechanics.

Apex Legends R5 Reloaded is a community-run mod that lets you play an older version of Apex Legends offline with custom mods. The project is constantly updated with new features and it is safe to use as it does not interfere with the base game. You can do anything you want with R5 Reloaded thanks to tools being added to the project with full customization capabilities. From creating your own abilities to setting up a custom aim trainer. You can also host your private servers and play custom games with your friends. Here is how you can install Apex Legends R5 Reloaded on your system.

Apex Legends R5 Reloaded Requirements

It is also strongly recommended to join the Apex Legends R5 Reloaded Discord server if you want help with installation or setting up your custom mods. The server also notifies players whenever new updates are available.

How to Install Apex Legends R5 Reloaded

Download the installer for R5 Reloaded from the official GitHub page.

  1. Launch the installer and follow the on-screen instructions

  2. Accept all of the prompts that appear

  3. Press 1 or 2 when you are asked to enter prompts from 1 to 4

  4. Wait for the installation to complete

  5. You can launch the R5 Reloaded app and use the server browser to join custom servers

Custom games have been teased in the past, but this fan-made mod for Apex Legends is all we have for now. Any progress you make in R5 Reloaded will not carry over to the original version of Apex Legends and the mod is meant to be used for custom games, testing purposes, and running scripts.

If you need help with specific mods or want to add your own custom weapons, legends, or other items to the game, you should seek assistance from the R5 Reloaded Discord server, and someone from the community will help you out.

Disclaimer: R5 Reloaded is a third-party tool that is run by the community and it is not an officially supported project. You should install it at your own risk.

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