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How to Get Your Valorant ‘Year in Review’ Stats

Abhimannu Das
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Riot Games is sending out Valorant 'year in review' stats to showcase your achievements in the game.
The promotional email highlights your best stats since the game's release till date.
If you did not receive your stats, you need to change your communication preferences.

Riot Games is celebrating Valorant’s first birthday with event passes, free cosmetics and more. The studio is also commemorating everyone’s first year in Valorant with a year in review stats summary that showcases your achievements. From your shot accuracy to your damage stats, there are some interesting insights you can get from the Valorant ‘year in review’ stats page. You may have already received your Valorant ‘year in review’ stats via email, but if you haven’t, you can still get your personal infographic in seconds. Here is how you can get your Valorant year in review stats from Riot Games.

How to get your Valorant ‘Year in Review’ infographic

The first thing you should do is check your email, in case you are already subscribed to Riot Games’ promotional emails. If you are not sure which email you linked to your Riot Games id, head to the official Riot Games account page and you will be able to identify the email once you put in your Valorant username and password. Login to the associated email and remember to check the Spam folder to see if you have received the Valorant ‘year in review’ stats.

Riot Games specified that it will be sending out the stats to all players during 9 and 10 July and if you have not received it yet, your communication preferences need to be tweaked from the Riot Games website. Here is what you need to do to turn it on:

  1. Head to https://account.riotgames.com/

  2. Click on Communication Preferences

  3. Check the ‘Communication from Riot Games’ box

It will allow Riot Games to send you your Valorant stats. If you have multiple accounts, you will need to repeat the process for all your Valorant IDs.

Your stats should appear in your inbox next week. After fans raised concerns that they did not receive the emails because they turned off promotional emails, Riot Games confirmed that it will sending out a second batch of stats next week for players who missed out this week. It is unknown when Riot Games will send out the stats next week, and you should turn on your communication preferences as soon as possible if you want to receive the Valorant year in review stats for your account.

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