How to Get World’s Edge in Remnant 2?

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Remnant 2


World’s Edge is one of the most prestigious Remnant 2 weapons, and it is also equally hard to obtain.
To obtain the weapon, players must defeat the Annihilation boss in Apocalypse difficulty and finish the storyline.
Players must finish the game at least once with any other difficulty level to unlock the Apocalypse difficulty.

Remnant 2 follows an intense and non-linear storyline endowed with an exciting world and a range of powerful weapons. One of these weapons is the World’s Edge melee weapon. It is one of the most prestigious weapons one can possess. Many view it as a badge of honor. This is because the grind to obtain it is long and demands hard work. Players must go through some difficult terrain and fulfill certain requirements to possess this powerful item. Let us take a look at how one can get World’s Edge in Remnant 2. 

Where to Find World’s Edge in Remnant 2?

Players can obtain the World’s Edge from the Brabus shop in Ward 13 in exchange for 750 Scrap. The catch is that they must finish the entire game and complete the storyline in order to do so. However, it is imperative that the players defeat the Annhilation boss in Apocalypse difficulty. Currently, this is the highest difficulty level in the game. 

Players must approach this process with determination and discipline in order to find the World’s Edge. Playing on Apocalypse difficulty means playing a level where things are 400% harder than the Survivor difficulty level. The enemy's health is four times more, likely to be stronger, and players can be defeated in just a couple of hits. 

It is also not helpful that enemy bosses undergo higher buffing; players can die in a couple of strikes, and this also applies to smaller mobs. Players will need to up their performance since the damage rate is higher and bosses can easily one-shot them. Unlike previous levels, players cannot swiftly skim through these enemies on Apocalypse difficulty. They must come up with strategic combat strategies and ideas in order to grind and obtain the World’s Edge. 

How to unlock the Apocalypse Difficulty?

Players who have made the decision to embark on this journey must first unlock the Apocalypse difficulty. To do so, they ought to complete the game campaign once, on any difficulty level that is suitable for them. This will not only unlock the Apocalypse difficulty but will also help players understand the game’s world and enemies. 

And once finished, they can steer towards obtaining the World’s Edge by defeating the Annihilation boss and completing the game. 

Surviving in the Apocalypse

The journey to obtaining the World’s Edge is going to be hard and filled with struggles. However, there are some tips that we believe will help players be consistent and reign supreme amidst the difficulty of the Apocalypse. 

  1. Picking a suitable armor suit - Players must opt for a weapon loadout and armor suit that do not drain their energy or cause them to slow-roll. 

  2. Picking the right weapons - Weapon choices can shape the trajectory of a player’s game to some extent. Minimize the quantity and keep weapons like Merciless and Enigma. 

  3. Practice before the grind - Yes, the World’s Edge is a badge of honor, but players must be extremely sure of their expertise before stepping foot into the arena. It is advised that they practice fighting against bosses from all over the world with different weapons, since they are randomized.

Lastly, keep experimenting with archetypes since creating a selective build is crucial to surviving in the apocalypse. 

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