How to Get Thrifty in Valorant


How to Get Thrifty in Valorant

Abhimannu Das
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Knowing when to save credits might cost you rounds, but you will end up winning more games.
If your team secures a round win after spending significantly less than the enemy team, you secure the "Thrifty" commendation.
If you are playing 'save rounds', it is better to have a tactical approach to fights rather than go in aggressively

One of the most important aspects of Valorant gameplay is how well you manage your in-game credits during games. Knowing when to go all-in with your credits to get the best guns available, and when to be ‘thrifty’ is very important. If you are new to Valorant and your teammates ask you to be ‘thrifty’ in some rounds, you need to know what the term means and how to play “econ rounds”. The goal of Valorant is to win the game and not individual rounds alone. You essentially want to save in some rounds if you are behind on economy so you have stronger rounds later on.

Understanding the concept of getting thrifty in Valorant

If your opponents have a clear economy advantage and you are falling behind, there is no reason to max out your credit usage when you are already falling behind. By saving credits in some rounds, you can be on even footing with your opponents or even get an advantage in later rounds. Learning when to save might cost you some rounds but it will win you more games.

You can earn the Thrifty commendation in-game by winning rounds in which you save credits and still manage to secure a win. While it is entirely possible that you beat your opponents while using Frenzys or Stingers, you cannot deny that stronger weapons do give you an advantage.

You should not expect to win all of your thrifty/save rounds but will definitely pull off round wins over time despite being at a disadvantage.

As you begin to understand how to take advantage of saving in rounds and holding off on purchases with credits, to get a bigger advantage in later rounds, you should also learn to use weapons you are not adept with. ‘Save’ rounds are crucial in Valorant and you should be able to use subpar weapons to their maximum potential if you want to give yourself the best odds of winning when competing against a team that has a superior arsenal than you.

If you are playing 'save rounds', it is better to have a tactical approach to fights instead of being overly aggressive. Opponents are likely to make mistakes and make wrong pushes if they sense you are applying pressure on them, and you can use that to your advantage. You should also keep an eye out for strong weapons that your opponents drop after being eliminated. Picking them up can give you an advantage in later rounds and save you even more credits.

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