How to Get the Predicament Pals Spray in Valorant?

A perfect item for all those awkward gaming situations.

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How to Get the Predicament Pals Spray in Valorant


Valorant has released another Prime Gaming reward for players to claim called Predicament Pals Spray.
Here is everything you need to know about claiming, obtaining, and using this exclusive spray.

Valorant allows players to personalize a lot of things like profiles, weapons, and sprays, which are an absolute menace in the game if used correctly. They are one of the most popular cosmetic items and loads of them are available for every type of gamer.

Sprays in Valorant can be obtained via the Battle Pass, spending Kingdom Credits in the Accessories Store, along with certain Weapon Collections or Bundles, and sometimes even through specific events or giveaways.

One such way to attain free rewards in Valorant is Amazon Prime Gaming. The current item being given away via the platform is the Predicament Pals Spray which is very much a part of the Prime Gaming reward for Valorant.

Here is everything that you need to know about getting your hands on the Predicament Pals Spray.

How to Get Valorant Prime Gaming Reward: Predicament Pals Spray

There are four main types of cosmetic items in Valorant excluding weapon skins, these are Players Cards, Player Titles, Gun Buddies, and Sprays. Among them, the Spray is the only one that gives players an option to choose which one to use during a game, depending on the mood or the in-game situation being faced by any particular player.

This is the reason why they are quite popular and players want to get their hands on as many as possible, if not all. Well, here is your chance to expand the collection by obtaining the Predicament Pals Spray which can be used to perfectly depict an awkward or sticky situation during the game.

Valorant Prime Gaming Reward Predicament Pals Spray

Here is how you can claim the limited-time Valorant spray which is free but only for certain users.

  • First you need to visit the Prime Gaming Website and sign-in.

  • Now search for Valorant on Prime Gaming, either by going through the entire list or via the search box provided.

  • Click on the available reward, in this case, 'Predicament Pals Spray'.

  • Make sure your Prime Gaming account is linked to the correct Riot Games account.

  • If not, then simply click on the 'Link Account' button provided below and sign into your Riot Games account.

  • Once linked, go to the Valorant reward page on Prime Gaming and click on 'Get In-Game Content'.

  • Now, launch Valorant and go to your 'Collection'.

  • Click the 'Sprays' option to open up the customization panel and select the new cosmetic.

  • Now, you have successfully claimed the Predicament Pals Spray and have also equipped it, and it will ready for be use in-game.

In case you do not have an active Prime Gaming subscription right now, Predicament Pals Spray is here for four weeks from 26th July to 23rd August, exactly 28 days. So you can either buy a subscription or grab the free trial if you have not claimed it already.

Even after your Prime Gaming subscription expires all the claimed Valorant rewards will stay with you permanently, however, you will not be able to claim any future giveaways.

Also, make sure that you have linked the current Riot Games account with your Prime Gaming account, otherwise, the reward might go to the wrong account and this is something that can not be reversed.

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