How to Get Lightning McQueen in Fortnite


How to Get Lightning McQueen in Fortnite

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If you own Lightning McQueen in Rocket League, you may be able to use the car in Fortnite soon.
Currently, the car is not available in Fortnite but Epic Games is expanding the roster of vehicles that you can own in both games.

Lightning McQueen is one of the most sought-after cars in Rocket League and a lot of players want to find out if you can use him in Fortnite as well He was introduced as part of a limited bundle in Rocket League last month and a lot of players snagged the bundle. In Fortnite Chapter 5, it was revealed that Rocket League cars will be added to Fortnite but not every car is available yet. If you are wondering if you can use Lightning McQueen in Fortnite, here's what you need to know.

Is Lightning McQueen Available in Fortnite?

No, currently Lightning McQueen is not available in Fortnite. However, if he is added to the game in the future and you already have him in Rocket League, he will automatically be added to your fleet of cars at no extra cost. If you do not have Lightning McQueen in Rocket League, you will need to get the Lightning McQueen Mega Bungle for 2,500 Rocket League Credits.

How to Transfer Your Rocket League Cars to Fortnite

Linking your Rocket League account to your Epic Games account allows you to share your progress, inventory, and Rocket Pass across all platforms. Once Lightning McQueen is added to Fortnite, you simply need to follow the steps listed below to get the car in-game.

You can play on your PC, PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch and pick up right where you left off, regardless of which platform you're using.

Here's how to link your Rocket League account to your Epic Games account:

  1. Go to the Rocket League activation page: 

  2. Click "Log In".

  3. Sign in to your Epic Games account.

  4. Click "Check Setup".

Choose your primary platform. This is the platform you want your Rocket Pass progress and competitive rank to be tied to. You can only change your primary platform once every 24 hours, so choose wisely and click "Confirm".

Your Rocket League account is now linked to your Epic Games account. You can now play Rocket League on any platform using your Epic Games credentials and enjoy a seamless experience across all devices.

How to Get Lightning McQueen in Fortnite

If you want to get Lightning McQueen in Fortnite, you need to own the car in Rocket League. The Lightning McQueen Mega Bundle costed 2,500 Rocket League credits and included the following items:

  • Lightning McQueen Car: This car features the iconic red and yellow paint scheme of Lightning McQueen and uses the Dominus hitbox.

  • Rust-eze Racing Decal: This decal adds sponsor logos and additional details to the Lightning McQueen car.

  • Lightning Wheels: These wheels are shaped like lightning bolts and match the color scheme of the car.

  • Kachow! Goal Explosion: This goal explosion features Lightning McQueen speeding across the field and leaving a trail of fire in his wake.

  • Lightning McQueen Player Banner: This banner shows Lightning McQueen striking a victorious pose with the words "Kachow!"

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