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How to Get Early Access to Multiversus Open Beta

Abhimannu Das
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The Multiversus Open Beta kicks off on 26th July but you can get early access to the game right now.
Players participating in the 2v2 Multiversus tournament at EVO 2022 will receive direct access to the game.
Players can also get early access from Twitch drops and by purchasing the Founder's pack.

The Multiversus open beta is set to go live on 26th July on PlayStation, Xbox and Steam but you can get early access to the game. Early access to the game will be available leading up to the launch of the game. If you want to start playing Multiversus right now, then there are plenty of ways to sign up for the beta and get into the game right away. The easiest way is to get codes from Twitch drops but there are other methods available as well if you do not want to spend your time watching Twitch streams.

Be a Part of The Closed Alpha Access

If you were a part of the closed alpha in the past, then you should automatically receive early access to Multiversus. The player progression from previous alphas will not carry over but any progress you make right now during early access to the game will stay.

If you participated in the older closed alphas, you will be able to access the game automatically on Xbox and PlayStation. Steam users on the other hand should have a code in their emails that can be redeemed on Steam for early access.

Purchase The Founder’s Pack

If you purchase the Founder’s Pack, it instantly grants early access to the game. The Multiversus Founder’s pack is priced at $40 for the Standard Edition, $60 for the Deluxe Edition, and $100 for the Premium Edition. The Founder’s Packs provide some gameplay benefits and allow you to unlock characters quicker but purchasing a pack is not necessary to play the game as it is a free-to-play title and there will be ways to unlock characters without paying.

Register For EVO 2022

If you registered for EVO 2022’s Multiversus tournament, you will instantly receive access to the game. Registrations are now closed but if you are a participant you should check your email for access to the game.

Twitch Drops

Twitch streamers who have drops enabled will have Multiversus access keys up for grabs for all platforms. Players need to watch one hour of content at partnered Twitch channels. Players will receive the codes directly in their Twitch drops inventory and then they can claim the code via their Warner Bros. Games account.

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