How To Get Cybermonk Zenyatta Legendary Skin For Free In Overwatch 2?


How to Get Cybermonk Zenyatta Legendary Skin for Free in Overwatch 2?

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Celebrating the launch of Overwatch 2 Season 9, Blizzard has partnered with Twitch to offer players the Cybermonk Zenyatta Legendary Skin for free.
All that players need to do in order to get this skin is watch Overwatch 2 livestreams over on Twitch for a certain number of hours.
Here is everything you need to know about how to obtain the Cybermonk Zenyatta Legendary Skin.

Overwatch 2 is celebrating the launch of Season 9 called Champions and it is sharing the joy with all community members by giving away free skins and items.

All support players out there now have a chance to grab the Cybermonk Zenyatta Legendary Skin for absolutely free. Well, technically those who want it need to spend a certain amount of time watching Overwatch 2 livestreams on Twitch, but most would be happy to make that trade.

Here are the complete details on how you can get the Cybermonk Zenyatta Legendary Skin without spending any money.

Get Free Cybermonk Zenyatta Legendary Skin

Blizzard has partnered with Twitch to hand out some free rewards in celebration of the launch of Overwatch 2 Season 9: Champions.

Season 9 Launch Drops is a special Twitch event that is scheduled to run for less than a week. So make sure to complete it in time otherwise, the regret could be heavy, especially with a free Cybermonk Zenyatta Legendary Skin up for grabs.

  • Cybermonk Zenyatta Legendary Skin: Start Date - 14th Feb

  • Cybermonk Zenyatta Legendary Skin: End Date - 19th Oct

  • Cybermonk Zenyatta Legendary Skin: Duration - 6 Days

Apart from the beautiful skin, players can also get their hands on an assortment of items that seem to be a part of the same Cybermonk Bundle.

  • Cyber Orb Weapon Charm | 2 Hours

  • Cybermonk Name Card | 5 Hours

  • Cybermonk Zen Voice Line | 8 Hours

  • Cybermonk Zenyatta Legendary Skin | 12 Hours

The best part is that all the rewards will be unlocked simultaneously and not one after the other. This means that players do not have to start from zero after unlocking a reward, the watch time simply adds up to the next reward.

Cybermonk Zenyatta Legendary Skin

How to Link Twitch and Accounts?

Before you start watching an Overwatch 2 livestream on Twitch, make sure that your account, the one in which you want to receive the free rewards, is linked to the streaming platform.

  1. Log in to your account.

  2. Navigate to your Connections page.

  3. A long list of third-party websites will appear, scroll to the bottom where Twitch is located and click on 'Connect'.

  4. A new page will open prompting you to log into your Twitch account, click on 'Continue'.

  5. After you log in an authorization from Twitch will pop up, click on 'Authorize'.

  6. A confirmation has to be provided to after it retrieves your Twitch account details, click on 'Continue'.

  7. A final message will appear on the screen stating that your account has been successfully connected to your Twitch account.

Note: Make sure you are connecting to the correct Twitch account because there is a seven-day cooldown period that prevents a user from connecting to a new one.

Overwatch 2: Linking With Twitch

This is a great opportunity to grab a Legendary Skin in Overwatch 2 completely free of cost. All players need to do is watch streams related to the game over on Twitch during their downtime or simply let it run in the background.

Along the way, players will also stand a chance to win some other items that will only add more things to their inventory for free, so a win-win situation from all angles.

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