How to Fix Packet Loss in Valorant? (2024)

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Here's a quick look at some of the fixes you can try to resolve packet loss issues in Valorant.
When data packets get lost on their way between you and the server, you experience lag, rubberbanding, and missed shots in Valorant.
Check your connection, restart your router, close bandwidth-hungry apps, switch to wired ethernet, and look for server updates.

Valorant, like other online games, relies heavily on a smooth flow of data between your computer and the game server. This data exchange happens in packets, which are small chunks of information. This flow can be disrupted due to a number of factors which can lead to packet loss and cause you to experience rubberbanding, inaccurate shots or lag spikes. If you are facing packet loss in Valorant, here are some fixes that you can try.

What is Packet Loss?

Packet Loss in Valorant has to do with how internet traffic travels from your box to the data center and back to you. In the beginning, your network traffic is on your internet service provider (ISP) network. Your ISP may be having an outage where your information, along with other players’ information, is being lost/dropped. This results in the game client not knowing what is happening with the players around you or the game server not knowing that you want to shoot your gun or move in a certain direction.

There’s also the connection between your ISP’s network and the data center network. Problems can pop up anywhere along this line. A lot of the time, peering problems result when a connection between two networks has a weak link. In some cases, it is impossible to solve packet loss unless your ISP resolves the issues at their end. Here are a few solutions that may help reduce or fix packet loss issues in Valorant.

How to Fix Packet Loss in Valorant

If you are facing packet loss in Valorant, here are a few solutions that you can try.

Check your internet connection

The first thing you should do is check if you are facing packet loss in general, or if the issue is restricted to Valorant. You can use websites like Packet Loss Test and do a quick check using the default settings. If you notice any loss, it means something is up with your internet connection or hardware.

Restart your router/modem

You should restart your router and your modem too if applicable. It is one of the simplest solutions and it can often address the issue. We often leave our routers on for months and a quick restart can potentially fix packet loss problems in Valorant.

Use a LAN cable

If you are on a Wi-Fi connection, we recommend changing to a LAN cable instead. It should lead to better latency and resolve any minor packet loss issues.

Update your network drivers

Windows automatically keeps your network drivers up to date. Performing a Windows update should update your network drivers to the latest version and it might resolve the issue.

Check for faulty hardware

In some cases, you may be getting packet loss in Valorant due to faulty hardware. Your LAN cable might be acting up or your router may be facing issues. Do a quick check on all of your hardware and consider resetting your router to see if the issues persist.

Contact your ISP

If you continue to face packet loss in Valorant, you should contact your internet service provider and seek assistance. A lot of the time, there are issues at the ISP’s end, and explaining the issue to them should help resolve the issue.

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