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How to Fix Halo: Infinite’s ‘Your Account is Not Authorized to Play’ Issue

Abhimannu Das
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The 'your account is not authorized to play Halo: Infinite’ error is caused by account linking issues with Halo Waypoint.
Logging out of your Halo Insider account and logging back in can resolve the issue in most cases.
If you received an Insider invite on the incorrect email account, you can apply for fresh beta access ahead of the 30th September Insider Flight.

Halo Infinite just hosted a beta flight from 24th September to 27th September and a lot of players ran into an issue that prevented them from playing the game. Countless players started at a screen saying “Your account is not authorized to play Halo Infinite” making it impossible to play the game. Another beta is on its way on 30th September and if you want to avoid running into the “your account is not authorized to play Halo Infinite” error, there are a few easy solutions that you can try. To try out any of the following solutions, and make sure that you have your Halo Insider profile ready at hand.

How to fix the ‘your account is not authorized to play Halo: Infinite’ error

Your account is not authorized to play Halo: Infinite error

If you are facing the ‘your account is not authorized to play’ error in Halo: Infinite, you should try logging out of the game and logging in with your Halo Insider profile once again. If it does not work, try the following:

  1. Head to the Halo Insider profile page at: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-gb/halo-insider/profile

  2. Login to the account using the same credentials that you are using to get into the game.

  3. Head to the Xbox Support page and login to the site and you will be able to change your password.

  4. Change your current password to something new.

  5. Restart Steam or Xbox console and try logging into the game again.

If you are still unable to get into the game, head back to the Halo Waypoint page and drop a support ticket.

In some cases, players were unable to get into the game because they signed up for beta access via the wrong email address. If you want to re-apply for the next beta which kicks off on 30th September, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Visit the Halo Insider page on Halo Waypoint.

  2. Click Signup.

  3. Under "Sign in to your Xbox Live account," click Sign In.

  4. Sign in with your Microsoft Account credentials.

  5. Grant Halo Waypoint access to your Xbox Live information if needed.

  6. Confirm your age and the confidentiality agreement.

  7. Click 'Join the Program'.

  8. Enter your preferred email, location, time zone, and experience with previous Halo games.

  9. Click Continue.

  10. If you're an Xbox player, click Yes when asked if you'd like to be considered for console flighting and enter the necessary details.

  11. If you're a PC player, click Yes when asked if you'd like to be considered for PC beta flights.

  12. Follow the on-screen instructions to obtain and upload your PC specs.

  13. If you use Steam, click the Link Steam Account button and login with your Steam credentials.

  14. Click Continue.

  15. When asked about flight availability, select the maximum number of time slots possible to have higher odds of being selected.

  16. Click Complete Signup.

  17. Open the Halo Insider confirmation email on your email client and confirm the registration

This will allow you to get into the next Halo Insider beta and try out Halo: Infinite ahead of its official release.

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