How to Fix “Disc Read Error 8.7” in COD Modern Warfare 3?


How to Fix “Disc Read Error 8.7” in COD Modern Warfare 3?

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The “Disc Read Error 8.7” seems to stop players from jumping into Modern Warfare 3’s Zombies mode.
Although this issue is present on all platforms like Xbox, PlayStation, and PC, it seems to be the most prevalent on Microsoft’s console.

Several players jumping into MW3 have been experiencing a mysterious “Disc Read Error 8.7” which seems to prevent them from launching into the game’s Zombies mode. The error refers to a map file that has apparently gone missing and asks the player to check their logs for more information. If you are one of the unlucky ones to get this error, worry not, as we will provide you with the cause of the issue as well as the solution to fix this. Without further ado, let’s delve into it.

What Causes the “Disk Read Error 8.7” in COD MW3?

Although this issue exists on all platforms like Xbox, PlayStation, and PC, it seems to be the most common on Microsoft’s console. As mentioned above, players are asked to refer to their logs for further information. Upon doing so, you will find that this error appears due to missing or corrupt game files.

On further inspection, this problem is caused specifically because of a map that is missing from MW3. This map is a common asset that is shared between the game’s Zombies mode and Warzone, the battle royale mode. So if you end up deleting Warzone, you will also remove the map from MW3 as well.

If you deleted the battle royale mode to save up some extra space, you will likely run into this issue when you try to play MW3. Let’s figure out how to resolve this.

Solutions to Fix the “Disc Read Error 8.7” in COD Modern Warfare 3

Solving this error is relatively simple and there are two different methods you can attempt to resolve this, depending on how you have encountered the issue. The time required to fix this depends on the speed of your internet connection, as you will have to download large files.

Download Warzone

If you have never installed Warzone or if you deleted it for any reason, you might have to reinstall it in order to resolve the error. Make sure you free up enough space to do so.

Re-installing Modern Warfare 3

Although it is quite an exhausting process to reinstall the game, it is currently the only way to make sure the missing map is added back into the game files. Although this is not ideal for many players to delete and reinstall 150 GB of data, it seems to be the only solution to completely resolve this error.

We hope this problem is addressed and patched up soon by the devs at Activision. Unfortunately, if the issue still persists after reinstalling MW3, contact Activision Support for further assistance.

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