How to Find the Power Switch in Fortnite 100 Days In A Grocery Store?


How to Find the Power Switch in Fortnite 100 Days in a Grocery Store?

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100 Days In A Grocery Store is a new custom experience in Fortnite that brings enticing co-op gameplay where you need to complete objectives and fend off frozen zombies.
Finding the Power Switch simply requires you to progress through the game and unlock more pathways.

Fortnite’s Chapter 5 Season One brings a host of new additions to the traditional battle royale game such as the Rocket Racing mode, the Lego survival mode, and the Guitar-Hero-like Fortnite Festival mode. Although these modes are a worthy inclusion and are enjoyed by millions of players, there is a new experience made by creator Synex, titled “100 Days In A Grocery Store” that is increasing in popularity among fans, thanks to the fun yet challenging solo/co-op gameplay it offers. 

Since this is a new game mode, gamers are still figuring out the nitty-gritty elements present in it. You need to complete a series of objectives that you need to progress through and one such is finding the power switch which you need to do right at the early stage. Worry not, as this guide will help you find its exact location. Let’s jump right in.

Finding the Power Switch in Fortnite’s 100 Days In A Grocery Store Mode

The 100 Days In A Grocery Store experience essentially works in the same way as the Zombies mode in Call of Duty where you and your fellow mates need to complete certain objectives and make progress, while also dealing with waves of undead creatures.

Following the festive theme, these zombies featured here are made out of ice and you will encounter hordes of them during your playthrough. Killing each of them will earn you a certain amount of gold that can be used to buy better weapons, and perks, and to also unlock newer paths and doors. 

Once you spawn into the abandoned Grocery Store, you will have to acquire the free pistol that is to the wall on your left. Upon heading inside, the game begins right away and you must begin killing zombies and unlocking various pathways using the gold they drop. You can also purchase more ammo or weapons but getting the power back on will help you easily counter these zombies as you will be more mindful of your surroundings. You will also be able to easily spot easter eggs like Gingerbread men and even keycards and other items for later progress.

Power Switch

To get back electricity, you will simply have to find the power switch and flip it back on to get the store up and running again. However, there seems to be no set location for this power switch and all you need to do is to progress through the game’s initial stages and unlock more pathways. You will find the switch once you purchase and unlock a few blocked doors so make sure you don’t lavishly spend the acquired gold.

If you are playing solo, this process typically seems to take somewhere between 7 to 9 in-game days and it is relatively easier to accomplish, as it is the game’s early objective. You can get this done by saving up at least 4000-5000 Gold.

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