How to Find Teammates For Playing Valorant

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Valorant LFG servers can help you find teammates who are like-minded and can help you climb ranks faster.
Riot Games has two Discord servers to help your find teammates and there are strict rules with regards to toxicity to ensure everyone has a great experience.
There are community-run servers as well that can help you find teammates from specific regions and ranks.

Finding teammates to play with in Valorant can be tricky as there is no in-game ‘looking for group’ (LFG) system. A lot of players end up playing solo and rely on the randomness of the matchmaker to find good games. The experience can be hit-or-miss as a lot of randoms often don’t communicate, which leads to a lack of cohesion. Finding like-minded players helps with this problem and you should take advantage of LFG servers out there that help players connect with other players.

Best Valorant Discord LFG Servers

Official Valorant Discord


The official Valorant Discord has almost a million players and you can find players from any region in the world. There are LFG text channels available to find other players to join you for matches and you can also use the voice channels to coordinate with your teammates or use in-game voice chat.

Official Valorant LFG Discord


The Valorant LFG Discord is also another official Riot Games-hosted Discord server to help players find other like-minded players. Make sure that you read all the rules before using the service as the server is strict about toxicity and bad behavior.

Valorant PRO


Valorant PRO is a community-run server with over 35,000 players. The LFG service seeks to match you with other like-minded players and you can easily find others from your region and ranked bracket. There are region-specific channels that you can use to meet new players.

Another option is to use streamer Discord servers. If you follow any Twitch streamers on Discord, they usually have community servers that you can join to find groups. You might find people that you synergize with and can grind ranked matches together.

When using LFG services, make sure that you tell people what kind of playstyle you have and what your expectations are from them. Setting boundaries in advance, when it comes to toxicity and/or playstyle, will allow you to have a much better, smoother, and friendlier experience.

All of the servers are very strict about toxicity and you should be respectful towards other players and also expect others to abide by the community guidelines set in each of the servers.

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