How To Find Golden Chickens In Fortnite: Locations, Rewards, More


How to Find Golden Chickens in Fortnite? Locations, Rewards, More

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Fortnite has brought in a new update to mark the return of Midas. This has brought back golden chickens to Fortnite Island.
These shiny birds are more than just pretty things to look at. You can swap their golden eggs for gold bars.
Here is a guide to help you find these golden chickens in Fortnite.

With the return of Midas to Fortnite Island, golden chickens have started appearing in the game. And they are more than just pretty looking chickens. These shiny birds are pretty rare in Fortnite compared to regular chickens. If you manage to find one, consider yourself lucky.

Golden chickens lay special eggs that can earn you extra gold bars, boosting your balance. And you can use these gold bars to purchase plenty of exciting stuff in Fortnite. In this article, we'll share everything you need to know about catching these golden chickens in Fortnite.

How to Find Golden Chickens in Fortnite?

Finding Golden Chickens in Fortnite involves a bit of luck since they appear randomly across the island. But, keep in mind that these are often replacements for regular chickens. So, looking in places where regular chickens are usually found can be your best bet. Some of these can be found in tree-lined spots near Fencing Fields.

Also, you can try looking at grassy areas like west of Pleasant Piazza or along the green belt from Snooty Steppes to Reckless Railways. You can look for Golden Chickens in Fortnite in the following areas:

  1. Farmlands: Look for Golden Chickens in grassy areas and barnyards across the map.

  2. Grassy Areas: Golden Chickens love to wander freely in lush, grassy landscapes.

  3. Greek Myth POIs: These areas are prime spots to find Golden Chickens, with their newly introduced Greek-themed attractions.

Using Golden Chickens for Gold Bars

As mentioned earlier, these golden chickens can be your gateway to an excess of gold bars. When these birds get startled, they drop valuable eggs that you can swap for gold bars. These are like valuable currency in the game.

Here is everything that you can buy with those gold bars.

  1. Vending Machines: Get weapons, ammo, and other stuff you need from vending machines around the map.

  2. Healing Machines: These machines have items to help you heal up and get your shields back.

  3. Midas Vending Machines: These are special machines that sell rare and powerful items, but they cost a lot of gold bars.

  4. NPC Interactions: Spend gold bars to hire NPCs or buy things from them.

  5. Golden Weapon Upgrade Service: Use gold bars at upgrade stations to make your weapons the best they can be.

This was everything you needed to know about Golden Chickens in Fortnite. Make sure to search the areas where regular chickens frequent since that is going to be the most likely place they'll be found.

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