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How to Find All Secrets in Call of Duty: Warzone’s Pacific Event

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Call of Duty: Warzone’s Pacific Event requires players to find six hidden items throughout the Verdansk map to unlock rewards.
Five rewards are located in specific points of interest but the final piece of intel can spawn in three different locations.
Players may need to head to all three bunkers in Verdansk to find the sixth intel item.

Call of Duty: Warzone’s Secrets of the Pacific event is now in the final phase and players have been tasked with finding six secrets in the ongoing event. Players will need to visit six different locations in Warzone to unlock exclusive rewards which shall no longer be available once the event ends.

Below are the locations you need to visit if you want to find the six Secrets of the Pacific.

All Intel locations in Call of Duty: Warzone’’s Secrets of The Pacific event

Warzone Secrets of the Pacific locations by Ulterior Covert

Intel 1 - Jailbreak

Players will need to visit the Prison area which is located at the southeast corner of the map. If you head to the Prison building’s ground floor you will notice a red object that resembles a red table tennis bat.

Intel 2 - On the Air

To locate the ‘On the Air’ intel you need to head to the location between the Train Station and the Promenades. Once you get closer to the western Promenade, you will notice the Electronics Shop with a microphone on a wall. Interact with the microphone to grab your second intel.

Intel 3 - Fast Food

You need to locate the Burger Town restaurant which is inside the Airport. Look at the sitting area opposite the Burger Town counter and you should notice a cash register that you can interact with to unlock the third intel.

Intel 4 - On Your Feet

The fourth intel is a first aid kit which you will find inside the Helipad building right next to the Hospital. You can find the operating room on the ground floor and it shall have the first aid kit you are looking for.

Intel 5 - Abandoned

To collect the fifth piece of intel you need to head northwest of the Airport. You will notice a building that has zip lines leading to the mines. Once you approach the mines you should notice a detonator and dynamite which you can interact with, to complete the challenge.

Intel 6 - Secrets

This one can be tricky as the final intel can be found in multiple locations. You will find the intel in one of the World War Two bunkers that are located throughout the Verdansk map. The three bunkers are located in Airport, Array, and Bunker.

You can use our guide to locate the three bunkers and find the final piece of intel. You will need to interact with miniature battleships placed on a desk to complete the sixth and final step of the quest.

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