How to Execute a Finishing Move in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3?


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How to Execute a Finishing Move in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3?

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Finishing moves add an extra layer of excitement and theatricality to your fight on the Modern Warfare 3 battlefield.
Execute your finishing move in style by positioning and timing yourself strategically.
Here is a comprehensive guide on how to execute a finishing move in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3.

If there is one answer to what's exciting about gaming, it's finishing off the game and slaying your enemies in style. And that's exactly what executing a flawless finishing move in Modern Warfare 3 entails.

Execute a satisfactory last move in Modern Warfare 3 to get that adrenaline rushing and end the game in style. It not only boosts your confidence in your gameplay but adds a theatrical edge to it.

Here is how you can perform a finishing move in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3.

How to Execute a Finishing Move in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3?

Pulling off a finishing move requires precision and perfect timing. Whether you're using a standard pistol or something like drum sticks or hammers, you can do it all in style. Here is how to finish the game perfectly:

Know Your Controls

The first step to pulling off a finishing move is to familiarize yourself with your control settings. Identify the melee button or key assigned. This will help you execute the moves with confidence and without dwindling.

Position and Time Yourself

Your position and timing is such circumstances can go a long way. You must maintain a strategic position and execute the move at the perfect time.

To pull off a finishing move in MW3, you have to walk up behind an enemy and hold down your corresponding melee button or key.

Approach your unsuspecting target from behind and hold the finishing move controls when it seems apt. As you execute a perfect finishing move, watch your enemy go down. The stunning finishing animation will vary greatly depending on the target's stance—standing, prone, or crouched.

If the move is not executed perfectly, then it might result in a regular melee attack, lacking the finesse of what you might expect from a finishing move.

Make It Extravagant

Make sure to ignite your finishing moves by using other distraction against your enemies. These can include moves like flashbangs which will certainly disorient your enemies. And when you find them swaying, you can approach them from behind, executing a flawless finishing move.

Practice As Much As You Can

Executing a perfect finishing move at one go might not be a success. However, thanks to private matches, you can practice it endlessly. These private matches serve as the perfect training ground to effectively enhance your stealth and timing, surprising your opponents as and when you please.

Executing finishing moves at the end of an action-packed fight adds a cinematic element to your game. However, it is crucial to perform it with precision, perfectly timing yourself, which you can learn with practice.

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