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How to Complete Apex Legends’ Scout of Action Challenge

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Apex Legends' Scout of Action Challenge is now over with all four parts being released.
Three of the stages require players to head into the firing range to get more insights on Bangalore's backstory.
The final part of the quest gives one of the characters in Apex Legends a final send off.

Apex Legends’ Warriors Collection Event is underway and Respawn Entertainment added a story quest with the recent content update. If you are into Apex Legends’ lore, it is worth completing as it gives players an insight into Bangalore’s backstory. The Scout of Action Challenge is currently available and three different challenges will be available in the coming weeks.

How to complete Bangalore’s Scout of Action challenge

The first challenge sends players to the firing range where you will need to get some kills with the G7 Scout. To complete the challenge, here’s what you need to do.

Chapter One - Scout of Action

  1. Look for the Bangalore Challenge in Apex Legends’ lobby menu

  2. Load into the firing range

  3. Change your legend to Bangalore

  4. Head to the heavy weapons section and you will be prompted to activate the Scout of Action Challenge

  5. You will need to hit 35 blue targets in one minute

While the challenge sounds simple enough, it can get a little tricky when trying to manage the G7’s ammo economy. Try to get some pre-emptive reloads between kills and avoid wasting any ammo, you have to make each shot count. The story reveals that Bangalore is trying to find her brother and after finding a report from the morgue, she realizes her brother is dead.

Chapter Two - Jackson’s Bow Out

Chapter Two of the event features the “Jackson’s Bow Out” challenge where Bangalore goes into the firing range once more . The challenge format remains the same but you have to use the Bocek bow this time around. Completing the challenge will allow players to revisit some of Bangalore’s memories and find out more about her brother.

Chapter Three - Smoke Show

Once again, players will head into the Firing Range and shoot some targets with the available weapons. We see more of Bangalore’s backstory being explored by Respawn Entertainment, notably her interest in Loba. Loba had teleported Revenant’s source code and Bangalore was unknowingly aiding him all this while.

Chapter Four - Finale

You do not need to head into the Firing Range for the finale of the quest. It becomes available immediately after completing Chapter Three. Bangalore is grief-stricken but she is ready to move on. We will not spoil the ending of the quest and you should experience it yourself.

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