How to Check Valorant Store Online on PC and Mobile (2024)

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How To Check Valorant Store Online On PC And Mobile (2024)


The Valorant store is an essential place for every Valorant enthusiast but players have to log into the game every day to check out the new offers.
While rumors of a Valorant mobile application are doing the rounds, Riot Games might also bring out an official Valorant store for mobiles.
Till then, here are some other ways in which you can check the Valorant store without opening the game.

There is no joy quite like snagging that skin you have been eyeing in the Valorant Store. However, this pursuit for cosmetics is a never-ending wait and can feel futile as Valorant Store only updates four new skins each day in its store that too at random.

It is not always possible for us to open the game to check the Valorant store updates every day. What if you end up missing out the deal on the skin you have wanted forever? If you are looking for a solution that allows you to check the Valorant Store without opening the game, here it is.

How to Check Valorant Store Online on PC and Mobile (2024)

Here are some ways in which you can check the Valorant store online on different devices like Mobile or PC.

Using Valorant Store.Net Website

The first method to check the Valorant store outside of the game is via the website ValorantStore.Net. This is a quick and easy method that requires just a browser and an internet connection. You can do it on almost any device, whether it is a mobile phone or a PC.

All you have to do is visit Then, sign in with your Riot ID, and receive the skins you want. This website showcases the daily rotations, your total Valorant Points, as well as Radianite Points. It also shows your Night Market if it is open. You will be able to find HD images of the skins, their prices, and editions too.

Using Valorant Shop Discord Bot

The next method is quite simple too and can be done on both PC and mobile. Simply download discord on your device and add the bot to any server you want. This is a great method for discord enthusiasts, who lurk on the application everyday.

To add the bot, choose the server and enter the command /login in any text channel. Then, add your username and password and hit enter. Once you have logged in, use the command /shop to see what is available in your Valorant store.

The bot showcases the current bundle and the four daily skins. It includes a picture of each skin, its price, and the time left before the store resets.

This is pretty much all you can do to check the Valorant store on your devices outside of the game. Many wish for Valorant to launch an official Valorant Store application for mobile users. With rumors surrounding Valorant mobile, it might be a possibility that Riot Games might work on this.

Till then, you can use the above-mentioned methods to check the Valorant store and snag the skin you have been eyeing for long.

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