How Old Is Venture Overwatch 2? Venture Age, Date of Birth, More

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How Old Is Venture Overwatch 2? Venture Age, Date of Birth, More


Venture is the newly added damage hero in Overwatch 2. They are a Canadian adventurer and archaeologist.
They were born in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia on 6 August 1998.
They have always had a penchant for mystery-solving and adventure since they were a child.

Overwatch 2 Season 10 is out now and it is a dynamic package of excitement and adventure. A new damage hero Venture has entered the roster, bringing traction to the game.

This is the 40th hero in the game. Their name is Venture, and they are a stealthy, sneaky fighter, excelling in close combat. They mostly focus on combos to deal damage effectively.

In this article, we aim to learn a bit more about this multidimensional hero in the game.

How Old Is Venture Overwatch 2?

Sloan Cameron, who goes by the alias Venture, is a Mexican-Canadian damage hero in Overwatch 2 Season 10. It is the first dual nationality, non-binary hero introduced to the game.

They were born on 6th August in 1998, which makes them 26 years old in 2024.

  • Real Name - Sloan Cameron

  • Date of Birth - 6th August 1998

  • Current Age - 26

  • Nationality - Mexican-Canadian

Who Is Venture in Overwatch 2?

Born as Sloan Cameron, they have always had a penchant for solving mysteries. Right now, they are an adventurer and an archaeologist, described by Overwatch 2 as "a globe-trotting archaeologist and explorer".

Venture was born as a Mexican-Canadian hero, setting the first roots for archaeology. Ever since their childhood, finding things that were lost has been their favorite hobby, but staying in one place was just not enough.

Every new place had something to explore and Venture loved to unearth treasures, trinkets, and traces of the past. That is what led them to the Wayfinder Society.

Who is Venture in Overwatch 2?

Venture and Wayfinder Society

Venture began their journey with the Wayfinder Society when they were 16. This society is an exclusive group of historians and archaeologists from all over the world. After completing their apprenticeship with the society, Venture became a crucial member there.

The Wayfinder Society became a frequent ground for attacks. Venture decided to help the society with more than just their curiosity and took matters of security into their own hands.

Looters, scavengers, even master thieves tried their hands at stealing artifacts from the Wayfinder headquarters, but with Venture on its side, the society successfully guarded itself.

Now, Venture is 26, and still with the Wayfinder Society. In the game, players can enjoy this eccentric character who brings solutions to all your puzzles and mysteries. The only mystery to be solved is dealing with the strongest enemy as of yet: Talon.

Join Venture as they embark on a journey to unravel what could this shady organization want with the Wayfinder Society.

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