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How Much Is Overwatch 2? Pricing Information Revealed

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Overwatch 2's multiplayer content is free for all players that own a copy of the first game.
The PVE content is paid but Blizzard is yet to announce a price for the game.
Preorders are expected to go live closer to the launch of the game. The game shall be available for Xbox, PlayStation and PC.

Overwatch 2 is currently available as a closed PVP (Player Versus Player) Beta and players who are interested in the game are wondering how much the game will cost. The new game is being re-created in a new engine with new characters, new maps, reworked heroes, UI (User Interface) changes and more.

The PVE (Player Versus Environment) content has not been revealed just yet but Blizzard Entertainment revealed that there will be customizable abilities, co-op missions and repeatable content which sounds exciting if you are a fan of the game world created within Overwatch. Here is everything you need to know about Overwatch 2’s price and how much you need to spend to get access to the sequel.

Overwatch 2 PVP is free if you own the original game

Blizzard Entertainment has revealed that Overwatch 2 will be a FREE upgrade for players who already own the first game if you want to play the PVP content. So what does that get you?

  • Full access to the multiplayer modes

  • Custom games

  • Access to all current and new heroes

  • Access to all current and new maps

  • Multiplayer events

You DO NOT get access to any of the PVE content (single-player and co-op) which will be available for purchase. Overwatch 1 is currently available for $19.99 for the Base Edition and $39.99 for the Legendary Edition.

The base edition is all you need to unlock all of the content in Overwatch 1 as well as Overwatch 2’s multiplayer content. The Legendary edition gives you access to exclusive skins and nothing else.

Overwatch 2 Price - Single Player and Co-Op Content

The price of Overwatch 2 has not yet been revealed. Overwatch 1 was originally priced at $39.99 for the base edition and $60 for the legendary edition on all platforms. Blizzard may stick to the same pricing but there is no official confirmation yet.

How to buy Overwatch 2?

Overwatch 2’s multiplayer content is free if you own Overwatch 1. You can purchase it from the Battle.net launcher or from the official store link here.

Overwatch 2’s PVE content is not yet available for purchase. Pre-orders have not been announced yet. Players will be able to purchase the game directly from the Xbox Store, PlayStation Store, and the Battle.net launcher. Blizzard is yet to reveal if the Nintendo Switch will get access to the game.

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