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How Does Zombie Royale Work in Warzone 2.0?

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The Zombie Royale game mode is back again in Warzone 2.0 as part of The Haunting Halloween update.
Players can check out Zombie Royale in Warzone 2.0 or head into Vondead, Operation Nightmare and Lockdown during the Haunting event to earn some cool rewards.

Zombie Royale is a limited-time mode in Warzone that takes a unique twist on the traditional battle royale formula. Instead of being eliminated from the match when you are killed, you respawn as a zombie. Zombies have their own unique abilities, such as increased speed and night vision, but they are also weaker and less agile than live Operators.

How Zombie Royale works in Warzone 2.0

To win Zombie Royale, you must either be the last live Operator standing, or you must collect two syringes from live Operators who have been killed by zombies. If you are killed as a zombie, you are permanently eliminated from the match.

Here are some tips for playing Zombie Royale:

  • Use your zombie abilities to your advantage: Zombies are faster and more agile than live Operators, so use this to your advantage when flanking and engaging enemies. You can also use your night vision to see enemies in the dark, which can give you a significant advantage.

  • Be careful of other zombies: While zombies are working together to eliminate live Operators, they are also competing against each other to be the last zombie standing. Be careful of other zombies, and don't be afraid to attack them if they are a threat.

Warzone 2.0 Haunting Event
  • Focus on killing live Operators: While it is tempting to attack other zombies, your primary goal should be to kill live Operators. This is the only way to collect the syringes you need to win the match.

  • Be aware of your surroundings: The gas circle is still active in Zombie Royale, so be sure to stay inside the safe zone to avoid being eliminated. Additionally, be aware of other hazards on the map, such as vehicles and explosives.

Zombie Royale is a fast-paced and chaotic mode that offers a unique twist on the traditional battle royale formula. By using your zombie abilities wisely and being careful of other zombies, you can increase your chances of winning.

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