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How Does Armor Work in Minecraft Dungeons

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Minecraft Dungeons armor sets can offer stat bonuses and attributes that can change your playstyle.
The Spelunker armor set is one of the best as it gives you a 20% damage boost to your weapon and gives you a pet bat.
The Wolf armor set is better for players who want to play the role of a support.

Armor in Minecraft Dungeons not only offers important stat bonuses but also gives you style points. Armor can be discovered as you progress through the game world and defeat enemies. With armor in Minecraft Dungeons dropping constantly, it can be difficult to understand how all of the attributes and stats come together. We are here to simplify the armor system in Minecraft Dungeons and explain what each trait does in the game. 

How to obtain armor in Minecraft Dungeons

Armor can be found when you go through your quest, either along the way in supply chests or after defeating mini-bosses. You also have a chance to be rewarded upon completion of a quest. Each armor has its own attributes specific to that armor piece and combining these attributes can help you craft the perfect loadout.

All armor pieces have at least two or three attributes, which you should note before considering any enchantments. You can enchant armor and other gear by spending points gained from leveling up in the game. Each level of enchantment requires double the amount of points until maxed out. You cannot combine multiple of the same armor to create a stronger one. Players can salvage armor and other gear. When you salvage an item, along with emeralds, the points used to enchant are returned to you for use on other gear. 

All armor sets in Minecraft Dungeons

Hunter’s Armor

  • +10 arrows per bundle 

  • +30% ranged damage 

Scale Mail

  • +10 arrows per bundle 

  • +30% ranged damage 

Evocation Robe

  • -25% artifact cooldown 

  • +15% move speed aura 

Thief Armor

  • +25% melee attack speed 

Wolf Armor

  • +20% weapon damage boost aura 

  • Health potions heal nearby allies 

Spelunker Armor

  • +20% weapon damage boost aura 

  • Gives you a pet bat 

Certain armor is more likely to be found in specific areas and you may get the same armor pieces over time. But you should always pay attention to the stats and attributes which can be different across various drops. 

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