How Does Archaeology Work in Minecraft?


How Does Archaeology Work in Minecraft?

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Archaeology is coming to Minecraft later this year as part of the 1.20 update.
Players will need to head to Desert Temples to uncover secrets using a shovel and the new Brush tool.
Players can try out the feature right now by installing the beta/preview versions of the game.

Archaeology is coming to Minecraft later this year as part of the 1.20 update. The new feature will allow players to dig up Suspicious Sand and use the new Brush Tool that will be added to the game to uncover treasures, pottery shards, and more. Players can dig up treasures only in specific areas like Desert Temples. If you want to check out the feature right away, you can install the beta and preview versions of Minecraft and bring out your inner Indiana Jones before the 1.20 update officially drops.

How Archaeology works in Minecraft

Players need to find dig sites where they can uncover new treasures. The Desert Temples are prime locations for digging up Suspicious Sand and you also get to use the new item “The Brush”. Once you craft a Brush and use it on Suspicious sand blocks, you will discover whatever is hidden inside the sand. 

Items that are discoverable inside Suspicious Sand include pottery shards and random items. These pottery shards can have different items and you can connect four of them to create a decorative pot. Each of the patterns depicts a unique ancient story that you can discover once the 1.20 update drops. 

How to try Archaeology in Minecraft right now

If you are currently on the 1.19 version of Minecraft, here’s how you can try out Archaeology right now. 

Java Edition

Enter the “Create New World” setting. Click on “Data Packs” and select the data pack you want to play. Click on “Done” and when you get to the next screen, click on “Create New World”.

Bedrock Edition

In the Bedrock Edition, test versions are regularly put out in Minecraft Preview. You can download and access Minecraft Preview by selecting the “Minecraft Preview” tab in the Minecraft Launcher and clicking the “Install” or “Play” button. 

If you are on mobile, you can go to the Edit World option and enable the “Activate Experimental Gameplay” option.

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