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Here’s Why Your Overwatch 2 Endorsement Level is Going Down

Abhimannu Das
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Overwatch 2's Endorsement system is dropping player ranks within the system which has left players confused.
The trick to not lose endorsement levels is to not leave games early which can negatively impact your account.
Maintaining a high endorsement level will allow you to get free battle pass XP which can be very helpful.

Overwatch 2 introduced a number of improvements over its predecessor but there are also some questionable changes that have left players confused. With the ability to endorse enemies being removed from the game, players are unable to maintain their endorsement levels. There are also instances of players revealing that their endorsement level goes down even though they receive a steady stream of endorsements at the end of matches.

Why your endorsement level is going down

The system in place in Overwatch 2 is identical to Overwatch 1 and your endorsement level is allotted based on the number of endorsements you receive from teammates. You can endorse other players at the end of games. If you pull up the endorsement menu during a game, you will be able to endorse players from your previous match. 

The number of endorsements required to maintain your endorsement levels at all tiers has remained the same despite Blizzard Entertainment removing the ability to endorse enemies. It is almost impossible to maintain endorsement level five unless you receive multiple endorsements from your teammates every single game. 

It is also not possible to endorse your friends if you play with them, so if you crave the free battle pass XP from endorsement levels, you will need to play in smaller groups or as a solo player. There are also some limitations that you need to be aware of: 

  • You may endorse up to 2 players after each game

  • You may only endorse the same player every 12 hours

  • Endorsing a player earns you Battle Pass experience

How to avoid losing endorsement ranks

The trick to maintaining your endorsement level is playing Overwatch frequently and most importantly not leaving matches prematurely. Your endorsement level can decrease if you do not continue to receive endorsements or leave games before they’re finished. Punishments within the reporting system may also strip players of their endorsement level and place them at level 0.

To track your current endorsement rank, refer to your profile. The endorsement level is shown in the scoreboard for teammates, on your own career profile, and in the voice chat. The indicator for it is a circular meter that fills up with certain colors depending on the types of endorsements received, along with the endorsement level.

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