Here’s How You Can Play Fortnite OG in 2024 (Project Nova)


Here’s How You Can Play Fortnite OG in 2024 (Project Nova)

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Epic Games has seen record-breaking player count figures in 2023, all thanks to Season OG.
Wondering how to play Fortnite OG in 2024? Here's everything you need to know.

Season after season, Fortnite has brought in fun and exciting changes, updates, events, and much more. We’ve seen everything, from Hollywood celebrity concerts to famous franchise collaborations. However, nothing comes quite close to the charm Fortnite OG brought to the game.

Although Fortnite OG may have only lasted for a month, it was one of the best gaming experiences of their lives for many. Being able to relive the old days, when life was much simpler, was a feeling like no other. Unfortunately, players can no longer play the OG game mode, but there's still a way to relive the glory days of Fortnite. Without further ado, let’s go ahead and take a look at how you can play Fortnite OG in 2024.

What is Fortnite Project Nova?

Project Nova is a third-party Private Server allowing you to play Fortnite OG with friends. While it’s not officially affiliated with Fortnite or Epic games, it provides a remarkable experience of playing the golden days of the old Fortnite.

Just like Fortnite OG, it’s based on the first version of the game, with no changes or updates to the game. The Private Servers sticks to the score of Chapter 1 and also features weapons such as bow and arrow, traps, and much more.

How Can You Play Fortnite OG with Project Nova?

Getting started with Project Nova is quite a straightforward process. The developers have created an easy-to-follow tutorial video, which guides players through the steps to download and play Fortnite OG with the help of Project Nova.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to installing and playing OG Fortnite with Project Nova –

  1. Join the official Nova Discord Server.

  2. Make a Nova account by typing #bot-commands /create in the server tab. You need to add your email, a username, and a password.

  3. Head to the #download tab on the server, and install OG Fortnite and Nova Launcher by downloading the V_redist.x64 file and NovaLauncher.

  4. Make a Folder, and put NovaLauncher into it

  5. Extract the launcher

  6. Open the NovaLauncher.exe file.

  7. Select Settings, and choose Easy Installer.

  8. A window will pop up. You need to type 75 and hit Enter.

  9. Create a new folder on your Desktop, and open it.

  10. Copy the folder’s link into EasyInstaller and hit Enter.

  11. Wait for the Installation to complete

  12. Select the folder where Fortnite is installed, and click ‘OK.’

  13. Every time you want to open the launcher, you’ll require a new exchange code. Head to #bot-commands tab on the Discord server and type /exchange-code

  14. You need to copy the exchange code into NovaLauncher and click on Launch.

If you run into any issues, the Project Nova Discord has support channels for requesting help and plenty of mods willing to direct you on the right path.

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