Here’s How You Can Kick Villages From Your Settlement in Lego Fortnite


Here’s How You Can Kick Villages From Your Settlement in Lego Fortnite

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Lego Fortnite showcases various NPCs, some of which will become inhabitants of your settlements and accompany you on your adventures.
Although there is no direct option to swap NPCs as per your liking, the following method will help you kick a villager and eventually add a new one.
Keep in mind that this is not an instantaneous process and it will take around 5 in-game days.

The newest game mode added to Fortnite combines survival elements with the Blocky world of Lego and allows players to experience a world where they can gather resources, craft various structures, and build their own settlements. While you can certainly enjoy the co-op mode with your friends, you will never really be left alone even if you are playing solo, as you will always have NPCs accompanying you on your adventures or helping you with chores in your village.

Although it is nice to have these characters, there is a limit to how many you can accommodate in your village, so you will want to swap them out to bring in new villagers who might better suit your needs. Here’s how you can do it.

How to Kick Villagers in Lego Fortnite?

In order to remove or kick a villager from your settlement, you need to locate their bed and destroy it. Although that is pretty much everything you need to do, the process isn’t instantaneous, as the game will give you a few days to revert your decision.

Once you spot the bed of the NPC you want to remove, you simply need to keep hitting it so that it breaks apart. You must also make sure that there aren’t any extra beds lying around, as they will automatically get assigned to the NPC you are trying to kick out.

Breaking the bed

Upon doing so, you will also see a bed icon floating above their head even before you talk to them. Once you begin interacting with the specific villager, they will let you know that they are displeased with your actions. They will also tell you that they are thinking of leaving if they do not have a bed for them to sleep in.

Although it's a cold thing to do, you must simply ignore this and wait for a couple of days or around 5 in-game days. During this period, you will see the NPC loitering around the village contemplating whether or not they should stay.

talking to NPC

Here you are given two choices, you can rebuild a bed if you want them to stay back or you can simply wait for them to finally leave your village. If you choose the first option, you must make sure you build them another bed and assign it to them before the given time. If you chose the latter and the NPC has left your village, you can simply build another bed and assign it to the new character.

Although there isn’t a direct option to swap villagers, we still recommend you go through this process, as routinely changing your accompanying NPCs will help you pick the ones with stats and abilities that better fit your purpose. Note that you can only accommodate a maximum of five villagers if your base is at level 10.

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