Here’s How You Can Get a Nuke in MW3 Warzone on Urzikstan


Here’s How You Can Get a Nuke in MW3 Warzone on Urzikstan

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The Nuke is back in MW3 Warzone, allowing players to end the match with a big explosion.
Are you wondering how to get a Nuke in MW3 Warzone? Here's everything you need to know.

The nuke has been in the Call of Duty franchise in some capacity since the original Modern Warfare 2. Back then, a 25-kill streak would earn you a Tactical Nike, allowing you to end the game, wipe out the enemy team, and get the victory. The device has returned in MW3 Warzone, but a long kill streak won’t be enough to obtain it. Without further ado, let’s take a look at how you can get a Nuke in MW3 Warzone on Urzikstan. 

MW3 Warzone: How Can You Get a Nuke?

To get a Nuke in MW3 Warzone, you need to win five games in a row, or 30 games in total, to unlock the Champion’s Quest. But that’s only half of the battle, as finishing this contract can be more difficult  than eliminating the entire lobby. The Urzikstan version of the quest adds an extra layer of tension, as another team can steal the Champion’s Quest by annihilating the team that unlocked it.

The contract is marked on the map with a yellow crown with the letters WZ in it. Once the contract has been initiated, a 20-minute timer starts, and players must complete Champions Quests within that time. Here are all the steps to finish the Champion’s Quest contract and get Nuke in MW3 Warzone -

  1. Find and pick up a Geiger Counter, marked as a yellow phone wing on the map.

  2. Head towards the green circle on the map and find the radioactive cache. This will give you the first of the three elements needed to complete the quest.

  3. Find and loot the nuclear safe to obtain the second required element.

  4. Find the nuclear chopper and bring it down.

  5. Head towards the crash site, and you’ll be able to find the third site.

  6. Find the bomb site, by looking for a yellow radiocarbon symbol with wings on it.

  7. Put all the three elements you’ve found into the Nuke and assemble it.

  8. You must defend the bombsite for two minutes. In this window, enemy teams can defuse the bomb, and players must re-detonate it.

  9. If successfully defended, the team will complete the Champion’s Quest.

MW3 Warzone: All Champion’s Quest Rewards

Here’s a complete list of all the rewards you can get for finishing Champion’s Quest in MW3 Warzone – 

  1. Meltdown 240

  2. Acerbic Roil

  3. Number 1

  4. Nuke Crew

  5. Atomic

  6. Big Boom

  7. Warning: Nuke

  8. Dangerous Material

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