Here's How You Can Complete Zoo Escape 2 Fortnite


Here's How You Can Complete Zoo Escape 2 Fortnite

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In Zoo Escape 2 Fortnite, you must enter the cage of animals and then escape out of the cages to head to the next level.
If you're finding it challenging to reach Level 30 to Zoo Escape 2, here's our guide to help you.

The world of Fortnite is constantly evolving, thanks to frequent updates, new seasons, and a variety of game modes. The team at Epic Games has opened the doorway to a new world within the game, including LEGO Fortnite, which has proven to be a massive success since its launch last year.

Aside from this, however, players are able to create their own custom maps in Creative Mode, where the possibilities are infinite. Within this mode, creator Derponce, has developed a series of 30 levels based on Zoo Escape, which you can enjoy. In this article, we'll take a look at how you can complete Zoo Escape 2 Fortnite. 

How to Complete Up To Level 30 in Zoo Escape 2?

Zoo Escape 2 has managed to become one of the most popular Creative maps and has a whopping 30 levels for players to explore and ultimately escape. Each level is home to an animal and a series of puzzles to solve, allowing you to put your problem-solving skills to the test.

Here's a detailed explanation of each level to reach level 30 in Zoo Escape 2 Fortnite –

Level 1: Sloth

The first level of the Creative Map requires you to escape out of a cage. You will find a board that describes the characteristics of each animal in the cage.

Level 2: Donkey

You must enter the Donkeys cage, which is next to the Sloth cage. After you've found the donkeys, you need to escape the cage.

Level 3: Sheep

The third level requires you to enter a cage full of sheep. You need to read the board and then escape out of it. While entering any cage, be sure to collect information about the animals by reading the board inside each cage.

Level 4: Swans

You need to enter and escape a cage with a lake of swans. Once you've done this, you need to swim through the lake and locate a key at the shore to open the gate to escape the swan cage.

Level 5: Monkeys

Read the board containing information about Monkeys and jump to higher platforms in order to reach a bridge in the cage. Jump to the top and then out of the monkey cage to get out of it.

Level: 6: Horse

Once you're out of the Monkey cage, you'll land in a cage full of horses. You can simply escape from the gate as it's not locked.

Level 7: Seal

You must dive deep into the pod and swim under the huge rocks to escape the seal's cage.

Level 8: Komodo Dragon

You will be inside Komodo Dragon's cage once you're out of the seal's cage. To complete this level, you only need to pass through the bar swimming underneath it.

Level 9: Goat

In this level, you'll find yourself in the cage next to the Komodo Dragon. You must escape the goat cage by retrieving the key outside the wooden cage.

Level 10: Eagle

To complete this level, you need to collect as many collectibles from the nest of the eagle. Once you've collected enough, the eagle will break the cage, allowing you to escape.

Level 11: Armadillo

To complete this level, you need to escape Armadillo's cage, which can be done by pressing open door options hidden in the rocks.

Level 12: Rhino 

To escape this cage, you need to get fibrous herbs and put them into the foot container of the Rhino. It will cause the Rhino to stand up, allowing you to escape from the puddle of water.

Level 13: Beaver

To escape Beaver's cage, you must cut down wood and construct a ramp to get out.

Level 14: Dolphin 

To complete this level, you must play the Dolphin tricks. You can do this by jumping out of all the rings inside the pond.

Level 15: Orca

To complete this level, you must escape the Orca cage and enter a code to get you out of the aquarium.

Level 16: Alpacas

To complete this level, you must escape the Alpacas' cage by smashing a wooden box with a cross symbol on it.

Level 17: Rabbits

To escape the Rabbits' cage, you need to find one of the nest eggs to get the key that will open the door cage.

Level 18: Wild Boar

To complete this level, you need to hit wild Boards from behind, which will end up triggering them. They'll run and crash into the cage, breaking it and allowing you to escape.

Here's How You Can Complete Zoo Escape 2 Fortnite

Level 19: Moles

It's quite easy to complete this level. All you need to do is move underneath the ground, and you'll be out of Moles' cage.

Level 20: Fox

As the fox cage is full of trees, you must go around quite a bit and find an exit handle. You'll be able to locate the exit handle in one of the trees, which you need to pull down to escape.

Level 21: Skunk

After you've escaped the Fox's cage, you must enter the second gate in order to exit the Skunk's cage.

Level 22: Wolf

To complete this level, you need to find the key, which is located on the wall above the cage's entrance. Grab it, and you'll be able to escape.

Level 23: Leopard

You must pick up meat next to the leopard's board to complete this level. After that, exit the cage and deliver the meat to the NPC outside. You'll be able to proceed to the Mammoth cage.

Level 24: Mammoth 

In order to escape Mammoth's cage, you need to move towards the end of the cage, where you'll be able to find an opening that leads into the cage.

Level 25: Jellyfish

You must locate the jumping pad next to big rocks to escape the Jellyfish's cage. Jumping on this will allow you to reach the surface and swim to the Goose cage.

Level 26: Swan

To complete this level, you must locate the button in the pond, which will allow you to open the doors to the next cage.

Level 27: Porcupine

In order to get out of this cage, you must locate the Grill exit, which can be found next to the large green tree.

Level 28: Hyena 

To complete this level, pick up the meat next to the tree and feed it to Hyena. The animal will move, allowing you to reach the next level.

Level 29: Bull

To complete this level, you need to jump inside the second Bull's enclosure and get the red cloth. Place it on the wall, and the Bull will run towards it, breaking the cage and allowing you to escape.

Level 30: Panther

To complete the final level, you need to collect Brightcore Ore, Stringy Twine, and Planks in the cage. You then need to create a torch that will allow you to set fire to the tree trunk on the bridge, allowing you to escape and complete the challenge!

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