Here’s How You Can Complete All Fire Chakra Quests in the Fortnite X Avatar Event


Here’s How You Can Complete All Fire Chakra Quests in the Fortnite X Avatar Event

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The Fire Chakra demands completing six tasks, the toughest of which requires you to scour through the map in search of Campfires and Elemental Shrines.
Completing each of these quests will grant you 350 Chi which will add to your Element event pass.

Besides offering a huge lineup of alluring skins and cosmetics, the Avatar collaboration also brought the Chakras quests into the mix, offering elusive rewards for players who complete these challenges and fill up the Avatar Elements event pass. These Chakras are present for each elemental power, and while Water and Earth Chakra quests have already begun, the Fire Chakra set of challenges just went live within the game. Similar to the existing missions, this also demands you to finish six different tasks. Here’s everything you need to know to complete them.

Completing All Fire Chakra Quests in Fortnite

As mentioned above, the Fire Chakra Quest requires you to finish six different challenges, each of which will grant you 350 Chi upon completion. These are:

  • Destroy 5 objects or structures at an Elemental Shrine

  • Light a Campfire

  • Eliminate an opponent in 5 different matches

  • Travel a distance of 500 meters on the Train

  • Destroy a Cabbage Cart with Firebending

  • Deal 1,000 damage to opponents with Firebending

Thankfully, most of the quests on the list are as straightforward as it sounds. While eliminating opponents in five different matches is relatively easy, dealing damage specifically with fire bending requires you to visit any of the two Fire Elemental Shrines present in Rebel’s Roost or Snooty Steppes. Open the Bending Scroll Container and you can be well on your way to dealing with fire attacks on your opponents.

You will also find an abundance of Cabbage Carts spread throughout the map, except for the regions in the south of Lavish Lair and slightly north of Mount Olympus. The most effective way to travel on the train is by reaching the station at Reckless Railways and simply hopping aboard.

Destroying 5 objects or structures at an Elemental Shrine
Reaching any of the Elemental Shrines in Fortnite’s map and breaking the items around the shrine is enough to complete this quest. After obtaining the bending powers within it, you can also destroy the Bending Scroll Container, which also adds to the quest. There are currently a total of eight different elemental shrines which are evenly split between four elemental powers; Earth, Water, Air, and Fire.

Elemental Shrine

Here are all the locations where you can find the Elemental Shrines:

  • Earth Elemental Shrine 1: East of Restored Reels at the small middle island on the map.

  • Earth Elemental Shrine 2: Southwest of Pleasant Piazza 

  • Water Elemental Shrine 1: Southwest of Classy Courts (on a mountain peak)

  • Water Elemental Shrine 2: Southeast of Grand Glacier

  • Air Elemental Shrine 1: Between Mount Olympus and Brawler’s Battleground 

  • Air Elemental Shrine 2: Directly north of Grand Glacier

  • Fire Elemental Shrine 1: On the northern shores of Rebel’s Roost

  • Fire Elemental Shrine 2: East of Snooty Steppes

Lighting a Campfire 

All you need to do is find any one of the eight campfires on the map and interact with it to finish this task. Most of these campfires are found in the northern part of the map. Here are all the locations:

  • Campfire 1: Rebel’s Roost

  • Campfire 2: Rebel’s Roost

  • Campfire 3: Island directly north of Lavish Lair

  • Campfire 4: East of Classy Courts towards the snowy mountains

  • Campfire 5: North of Reckless Railways

  • Campfire 6: East of Restored Reels in the Small Island

  • Campfire 7: Directly north of Restored Reels

  • Campfire 8: South of the houses at Pleasant Piazza

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