Here are The Top 10 Skins to Use During Fortnite’s Big Bang Event


Here are the Top 10 Skins to Use During Fortnite’s Big Bang Event

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Here are the best skins to use during the Fortnite Big Bang event next week
The best way to dress up is to rock one of Eminem’s signature skins that will release on 29th November.

Fortnite has released some amazing skins over the years that players love and adore. But if you want to attend the upcoming Big Bang Event in Fortnite, you need to look your very best. With Epic Games removing restrictions on what you can wear at the event, here are our picks for the best skins to wear at the upcoming event.

Top 10 Skins to Wear at Fortnite’s Big Bang Event

1. Eminem’s Signature Skins: What better way to celebrate the Big Bang event than to wear Eminem-themed skins? There are three skins scheduled for release on 29th November, and include three different styles: Slim Shady, Marshall Mathers, and Without Me. Each skin comes with its own unique back bling, pickaxe, and emote. The skins will be available for purchase in the Fortnite Item Shop for 1,200 V-Bucks each.

2. Black Knight: Hailing from Season 2, the Black Knight is a formidable and sought-after skin, signifying a high level of skill and dedication.

3. Skull Trooper: Introduced during Halloween events, the Skull Trooper is a spooky and memorable skin that gained popularity early in Fortnite's history.

4. Ghoul Trooper: Another Halloween-themed skin, the Ghoul Trooper is similar to the Skull Trooper and is highly sought after by players.

5. Omega: A progressive Tier 100 Battle Pass skin from Season 4, Omega features various customizable styles, reflecting a player's in-game accomplishments.

6. Raven: Known for its dark and mysterious aesthetic, the Raven skin exudes a brooding presence on the battlefield.

7. The Reaper (John Wick): Inspired by the iconic character John Wick, The Reaper was an exclusive Battle Pass reward in Season 3, adding a touch of cinematic coolness to Fortnite.

8. Drift: Featured in the Season 5 Battle Pass, Drift is a progressive skin with multiple stages, evolving as players gain experience and complete challenges.

9. Ragnarok: Another progressive skin from the Season 5 Battle Pass, Ragnarok embraces a Viking theme, becoming increasingly formidable as players advance through its stages.

10. Marshmello: A unique collaboration skin based on the popular DJ and performer Marshmello, this skin brought a fun and vibrant look to Fortnite.

There is no way to objectively rank skins and it all depends on your personal preference. Just pick the skin you enjoy using the most and have fun at the Fortnite Big Bang event!

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